What Christmas Looks Like to Someone Who Has Never Celebrated It

If you live in North America, it’s difficult to ignore Christmas — decorations, carols, events, gift buying, and all. Being a person from a different culture where Christmas is never celebrated, this festive season seems full of excitement and happiness. But from the outside, the tradition of decorating trees and homes, family gatherings, and exchanging... Continue Reading

What KPU’s 2020 Field Schools Have to Offer

Every year, KPU International offers various field schools that provide students with a great opportunity to travel to new places, experience different cultures, and learn new skills while earning credits. Apart from the field schools, KPU also offers various exchange programs that provide students with the opportunity to travel, study, and work. These exchange programs... Continue Reading

The Booming Bhangra Music and Dance Scene in Surrey

Bhangra is in the blood of every Punjabi. For those who are not familiar with this term, bhangra is the vivacious folk dance and music of Punjabi culture. Surrey is home to a vast number of Punjabi people, and even non-Punjabi residents celebrate Punjabi culture to an extent by appreciating the food, festivals, and of... Continue Reading

The Benefits of Speaking Multiple Languages

Knowing Multiple Languages Can Help You Grow, but Can Sometimes Get Confusing Dilpreet Kaur For me, being born in India and fluent in three languages brings a lot of benefits. In the very beginning, when children step into schools, they’re taught that they can’t survive without learning English. That’s the power of English language. It... Continue Reading