What It Takes to Get Banned from Facebook

The phrase “freedom of speech” gains entirely different shades of meaning depending on who is using it and what it is being used for. That being said, whether the First Amendment—or, for Canadians, Section Two of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms—applies to social media platforms has proven to be even more of a divisive... Continue Reading

How to Learn from Your Mistakes

Getting low grades can be a letdown, especially on an assignment you’ve been labouring over. There’s nothing more depressing than pouring your heart and soul into something, only to find out that all your hard work has been dismissed by a single alphabetical letter.  That being said, what many students don’t understand is that with... Continue Reading

Add Some Spice to Your Life by Trying Something New

As students, we often get to feel like we’re making constant progress towards the ultimate goal of getting our degrees. This can be mentally and physically exhausting, but at least it creates a sense of bringing us closer and closer to success. However, there can be days when we have no drive to push forward,... Continue Reading

“I Am a Tandoori Chicken, Swallow Me With a Glass of Alcohol” Addresses Bollywood’s Objectification of Women

Trigger warning: This article mentions physical and sexual violence against women. Bollywood is a massive industry. With over 300 films produced every year, there is little wonder that the industry is hugely successful in cinema. However, for all its glitz and glamour, there lies a dark underbelly to Bollywood’s history and success; one that comes... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Art Collective Re-Launches After Brief Hiatus

After several months of inactivity, the Kwantlen Art Collective has begun holding meetings again. The collective’s new president, Kia Eriksson, says she is proud to offer new and experienced art students at KPU a chance to meet up and hone their craft. In the past, the collective has held a number of high-profile events such... Continue Reading