Netflix? More like NotFlix!

Time has started to melt into nothingness as we finish our spring semester. You log off from your online class, miss talking with people, and distance yourself from the news because you don’t want to hear about the many things going wrong because of COVID-19. In order to escape the boredom and mundanity of lockdown,... Continue Reading

Oversimplifying company logos takes away their meaning

The magic of a good company logo can help set it apart from other companies that sell similar products and stay in a customer’s mind. They play a part in our everyday lives. We pass by them every time we visit the store, and they are the trademark symbols that we seek out whenever we... Continue Reading

No, I didn’t need to see that ad

Ads are meant to promote things, and convince people they’re worth thinking about. The best ones are able to utilize creativity to grab their audience’s attention and to encourage them to buy the product being advertised, while the worst ones can come off as cringey and pretentious. One of the most notable forms of ads,... Continue Reading

A shameful display of shaming

There’s an innate thrill to doing bad things. Whether that’s getting petty revenge against your neighbours by dumping the leaves they pushed into your lawn back onto theirs, or doing small passive-aggressive things to aggravate your annoying roommate, the allure of being bad is sometimes hard to ignore. With the pandemic stretching into 2021, everyone... Continue Reading

Advertising vacation travel packages during a pandemic is wrong

Vacations are a thing that everyone needs from time to time —- a blissful escape to a foreign land from whatever troubling situation you are facing in your homeland. Thanks to the pandemic, vacationing and travel is a thing of the past. It feels so long since I’ve been on a plane, and I’m far... Continue Reading

Why immunity passports are a bad idea

2020 has ended, and the new year has offered relief from the COVID pandemic in the form of a vaccine. While this has been seen as the beginning of the end of the pandemic for some, a good portion of us know we aren’t out of this situation just yet. In order to better track... Continue Reading

Positive and healthy ways to embrace the lockdown

Lockdown sucks. The isolation sucks just as much. With all this time spent inside, it’s easy to become bored out of your mind. When the boredom and mundanity get to be too much, we find ourselves doing the most absurd shit we wouldn’t normally do to escape the endless days of doing absolutely nothing. Some... Continue Reading

Lockdown’s green effect on the holiday celebrations

It feels like it was just the start of the year 2020, and now we are already approaching its final month. Because of the threat posed by COVID-19, many luxuries involving socialization have been restricted or cancelled. However, that’s not to say that COVID-19 hasn’t yielded some, if very few, positive changes. For one, it... Continue Reading

The Kardashians aren’t kool

Times are tough, the economy is struggling and people are worried about losing their jobs. Throughout the absolute shitstorm that is 2020, many people are worried about how the pandemic will affect their livelihoods. In a world where people are prioritizing their health and safety, celebrities like the Kardashians who once showed compassion over struggles... Continue Reading

Just keep swimming

It’s felt like forever since lockdown has commenced. Parties packed with friends seem like something of the past. To simply chill with your squad is a desire that remains unfulfilled. Lockdown fatigue has affected us all. And with the second wave inbound, any hopes of things returning to the way they were remain distant. On... Continue Reading

Stay Calm, Cool, and Conscious

Vancouver is notorious for crappy, cold, wet weather. At its worst, the weather curses us with an oppressive greyness that makes you want to do nothing. At its best, it provides warm days dotted with clouds to give you a break from the sunshine. Still, when the hottest months hit in Vancouver, they hit hard.... Continue Reading

It’s Alive (And Not Extinct): The Morality of the Sturddlefish

Quarantine has allowed us to feel the sting of boredom. In this era of uncertainty, the most absurd happenings occur: NASA has released footage of UFOs, monkeys have overtaken Thailand, and Hungarian scientists have bred two endangered fish species to create a ‘frankenfish.’ The Russian sturgeon and American paddlefish are two endangered fish species that... Continue Reading

Canada Can Only Reopen Public Spaces Safely by Taking Baby Steps

A month of quarantine and lockdown has passed and many people seem to be holding up pretty well. However, tension seems to be growing as the economy suffers from lack of business, the populace becomes restless from the inability to socialise in-person, and too many people get worked up about not getting a haircut. As... Continue Reading

Sugar-Coating the Pandemic Won’t Get Us Through It

As COVID-19 spreads, we all need something positive to divert our attention from the death and destruction surrounding us. Still, too much positivity can become a dangerous thing. Preaching positivity is not inherently bad, but if you preach nothing but positivity, things can get very toxic indeed. Say, for instance, you start to suffer panic... Continue Reading

Increasing Access to Gyms Can Help Keep Youth Out of Crime

People may be working out from home during the pandemic, but once social distancing becomes unnecessary, they’ll flood back to their local gyms. One of the demographics that could get the most out of these facilities is vulnerable youth at risk of getting involved in crime. There are several reasons why youth turn to crime,... Continue Reading