The Dangers of Double Dipping

Double dipping is the scourge of any dinner party. It is a prime example of how the actions of one can harm the many, in this case by tainting the guac or ranch with your bacterial mouth fluid. We are in a pandemic, and you are smart enough to know that having a dinner party... Continue Reading

10 songs to listen to while drinking Pepsi

Pepsi is a drink like no other. Well it’s like numerous others as it is pretty much just a regular soda, but it has a unique yet versatile take. You can drink it in a bath, mixed with alcohol, or out with friends. It’s also a great alternative to alcohol as it is still self... Continue Reading

Imagine Van Gogh arrives in Vancouver this spring

Art is highly emotional. An artist often uses mediums to express the complexity of the human condition in a way that words sometimes fall short. There are few who better encapsulates this than the extremely renowned post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. Imagine Van Gogh: The Immersive Exhibition directors Julien Baron and Annabelle Mauger have curated... Continue Reading

Riding profile: Surrey-Whalley

Ryan Abbott – Communist Party of BC  According to his party Facebook page, “Ryan is an Industrial Painter & Sandblaster, an active trade unionist, and member of the Communist Party of BC.” He, and the four Communist candidates, released a joint statement proclaiming their opposition to the Site C dam on October 6. The party’s... Continue Reading

The Cultch Announces Its Fall 2020 Season

The Vancouver East Cultural Centre, also known as The Cultch, describes itself as Vancouver’s most diverse and innovative arts and cultural hub. The not-for-profit registered charity operates the Historic Theatre, York Theatre, and Vancity Culture Lab and is known for its cutting edge, contemporary programming. At the Cultch, you can find dance, theatre, circus, music,... Continue Reading

LGBTQ+ Parties Are Moving Online

While we try to protect ourselves and those around us from COVID-19, it is essential that we comply with social distancing. Some folks thrive in isolation and are using this time to better themselves, learn something new, or take a lot of baths — but others who are more socially needy are going bananas without... Continue Reading

Spring Saving Tips From KPU Students

Utilize Disability Advisors and Academic Accommodations Marcus Jones, Contributor It’s a new semester, and for first-year students, an entirely new environment. All of a sudden, you’re a little fish in a big pond. There’s a daunting list of responsibilities to take on. You’re taking a big step to becoming an adult, and making that leap... Continue Reading

Cults are Taking Advantage of an Increasingly Digitized Culture

When most of us think of the word “cult”, we think of Jonestown. We think of Scientology. We think of a group of dudes with neckbeards tiptoeing into the woods at night in matching cloaks to murder squirrels and talk about how cool it would be to sacrifice a female virgin if only they could... Continue Reading

Spooky Scary S...tuff to do on Halloween

The Aldor Acres experience, a fun fall event for all ages Katherine Charlton, Contributor Aldor Acres Farm is an amazing family-friendly pumpkin patch nestled away in a farming area near Fort Langley. It provides a variety of fun activities and cute animals to see. You can not only pick out your perfect pumpkin in the... Continue Reading

Riding Profile: Delta

Carla Qualtrough The Liberal Party Carla Qualtrough was born in Calgary, Alberta and raised in Langley. She is the current incumbent MP of Delta. Qualtrough has competed as a swimmer in the Paralympic Games in addition to studying political science at the University of Ottawa and human rights law at the University of Victoria. “As... Continue Reading

A Breakdown the Major Parties’ Platform Promises

I believe that before you commit to a relationship with a very special someone for four years—or potentially longer—you should get to know them first. The 2019 Canadian federal election is approaching quickly, and many folks have already decided on which party their values best align with. Climate change, education, and healthcare are all key... Continue Reading

Hungry for Victory

I like noodles quite a bit. I would go so far as to say that noodles are probably the food that I’ve consumed the most, aside from Cheetos and mayonnaise (not at the same time). On September 9, I watched a man named Step Daddy J try to take down the biggest bowl of noodles... Continue Reading

Round-Up Cafe Celebrates 70 Years of Serving Surrey

Located only steps away from the new KPU Civic Plaza campus, Surrey Central’s Round-Up Cafe has kept the community well-fed since 1949. For most of its life, the restaurant has been owned and operated by Goldie Springenatic, who purchased it with her late husband Orest in 1959.  “[Our menu] hasn’t changed in all those years,”... Continue Reading

Rolling with the Punches

I didn’t want to be her from the movie Juno, and certainly not her from Hard Candy. No, what I’ve longed for is the will to warrant the kind of badass montage her character gets in the movie Whip It. While the film may not be a 100 per cent accurate depiction of roller derby,... Continue Reading

Celebrate Indigenous People's Day All Month Long at KPU

The summer solstice, June 21, is recognized in Canada as National Indigenous Peoples Day. If one day of acknowledgment and celebration just doesn’t feel like enough to you, you’re not alone. Indigenous Services for Students wanted to spend the whole month celebrating “all the Indigenous culture and resilience on Turtle Island [also referred to as... Continue Reading