10 songs to listen to while drinking Pepsi

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(Kristen Frier)

Pepsi is a drink like no other. Well it’s like numerous others as it is pretty much just a regular soda, but it has a unique yet versatile take. You can drink it in a bath, mixed with alcohol, or out with friends. It’s also a great alternative to alcohol as it is still self destructive if you are participating in “dry January” or “dry February” which are both a thing apparently. You can drink it whenever you want – it’s a fucking soda okay there isn’t really much else to it.

Here are some songs to listen to while you drink it. I tried to put in a little something for everyone from lovers of the local scene who drink Pepsi, to my grandma who doesn’t drink Pepsi but honestly should because it’s delicious.

1. Institutionalized (1983) – Suicidal Tendencies

There is an obvious motive to listen to this song while drinking Pepsi as the lyrics not only name drop the beverage, but cry out with a beautiful desperation to enjoy “just one Pepsi”. It is a coming of age story wherein a teen’s concerned mother refuses to get a young hero a Pepsi, because she thinks he is doing drugs. While you may say that the concept of doing drugs is a pretty good reason to deny someone a Pepsi, I disagree, and think you are kind of an asshole.

2. Go For A Soda (1984) – Kim Mitchell

For all the dads out there who like songs that make no fucking sense. Just to clarify, this publication in no way endorses the belief that soda prevents drowning. In fact, it is possible to drown on soda if you don’t know how to drink things, or if you swim in a pool filled with Ginger Ale.

3. Case Of You (1971) – Joni Mitchell, James Taylor

Just putting the Mitchells next to each other. Also, pretty sure this song is about drinking beer but she never actually says in full words that she means drinking beer and Pepsi was established in 1893 so just immerse yourself in the fantasy and crack open a cold one.

4. Sugar Water (1996) – Cibo Matto

Pepsi has both sugar and water in it…

5. Pop Jam (2020) – Dante’s Paradise

I can’t help but try and sneak in a Vancouver local, and Dante’s Paradise just dropped their album. It’s pretty and refreshing much like the crisp and sweet taste of a nice cold Pepsi. (Also a shameless plug for me because I did the single art so GO LOOK PLEASE!)

6. London Calling (1979) – The Clash

This song is just in everything so why not?

7. Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1983) – Cyndi Lauper

Because girls have fun… when drinking Pepsi. Also this song just makes my soul feel good so listen to it and dance in your underwear and just vibe out.

8. Big Cheeseburgers & Good French Fries (N/A) – Blaze Foley

Why not make it a combo? Also Blaze Foley was a folk/country singer who focused more on just living than he did on recording his music, so there is like zero chance of finding a “release date” for this that would be accurate. Sorry.

9. Coca Cola (2012) – Pity Sex

This one is just to be shady :)

10. Teenage Dream (2010) – Katy Perry

There were a lot of bubbles in this music video right? I might be thinking of California Girls…