If You Want to Have a Laugh in Vancouver, Go Underground

People who still think of Vancouver as the “no fun city” usually don’t know where to find local and independently-run events—partially because they aren’t always happening downtown. This is especially true for our city’s underground comedy scene. Over the years I’ve lived in Vancouver, I have heard countless people tell me that comedy in Vancouver... Continue Reading

For Trudeau, Feminism is Just a Brand

Feminism got a serious rebranding in the early 2010s. In an attempt to demystify gender politics and dispel harmful stereotypes, there was a widespread push to redefine what being a feminist means. This rebranding simplified feminist ideology, boiling it down to essentially one idea: the equality of the sexes. It immediately became popular—celebrities began openly... Continue Reading

Students Who Want to Improve KPU Should Look to the New Left Movement for Inspiration

It’s no secret among KPU students that our university is a lacking a strong on-campus community. I remember meeting a student who attended class here for a semester, and after telling her I currently go to KPU she immediately asked me, “Did you make any friends?” I ran solo throughout my first semester, mostly because... Continue Reading