Slamapalooza Rebrands and Restructures into Kwantlen Poetry Project

Formerly known as Slamapalooza, Kwantlen Poetry Project aims to remove harmful competition and replace it with a safe space for sharing truth and honouring stories. KPU’s poetry team recently returned from the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word inspired to change their name, structure, and focus on competition. Upon returning from CFSW, Kwantlen Poetry Project organizer... Continue Reading

It’s PSL Season: Here’s Your Guide to the Trendiest Drink of the Fall

October signifies the beginning of my favourite season: pumpkin spice season. My obsession with the pumpkin spice latte began years ago and has shown no signs of slowing down. With this in mind, I taste-tested the famous fall drink from four popular coffee shops to give you a quick reference guide for where to get... Continue Reading

A Few Suggestions for Other Places you can Learn About Election Issues

Tristan Johnston, Contributor Other than my casual intake of CBC and the Globe and Mail, National Observer is a somewhat underappreciated source of news. Formed in 2015, the National Observer was partially created to avoid the big oil money that was finding its way into other newspapers. This makes their B Corporation status notable, which... Continue Reading

The Climate Change Crisis is Informing the 2019 Election

Single-use plastics and pipelines are two of the most discussed issues in the debate around climate change. Restaurants are abolishing plastic straws, grocery stores are banning plastic bags, and protesters are refusing to allow the construction of a pipeline on stolen land. During the first leaders’ debate on Sept. 12, the environment and climate change... Continue Reading

Sexual Harassment in the Service Industry is a Challenge to Confront and Convict

Tori Evans was pouring a beer when she felt her phone vibrate in her apron pocket. “Pour this beer, take a payment from table two, bring food to table fifteen, someone needs ranch, then I’ll sneak to the back to read it,” she thinks out loud. The running around continues for a couple hours before... Continue Reading