Provincial Diversity Contributes to Canada’s Strength in Education

Year after year, Canada has been recognized as a world leader in education, with students performing better than their contemporaries in the U.S or the U.K in subjects like math, science, and reading. When it comes to schooling, one of the main differences between Canada and these countries is that we don’t have a federal... Continue Reading

Afterthought: Mayor’s Council All Aboard for Skytrain Development

If you haven’t heard, Surrey is dropping its light rail transit project with the intention of replacing it with a new SkyTrain line. The plan is to extend the track from King George Station to Langley Centre along the Fraser Highway, though the amount of time this will take is so far unclear. In 2017,... Continue Reading

Eliminating MSP Premiums Could Lead to B.C. Subsidizing International Students’ Health-Care

In February of this year, the BC NDP announced that it would be eliminating Medical Service Plan premiums entirely, after cutting them by 50 per cent in January. By 2020, British Columbians will no longer have to pay the premium, which the government says could save individuals $900 and families up to $1,800 per year.... Continue Reading

Researchers Work with the Community to Address Causes of Youth Violence in Surrey

Surrey residents have been vocal about their desire to end gang-related and youth violence for years. In late October, two teens were stabbed a few blocks away from Guildford Park Secondary School. This attack followed a high-profile shooting in June that left two teenagers dead and led to a rally at city hall calling the... Continue Reading

KPU Criminology Instructor Comments on Surrey’s Transition to Municipal Police Force

The Surrey City Council, led by newly elected mayor Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition, has vowed to fulfil its election promise by ending the city’s contract with the RCMP in favour of a soon-to-be-created municipal police force. The process of doing this, according to RCMP Governance & Accountability policy, should take two years... Continue Reading

KSA Previews Draft Budget for 2019

At a council meeting held on Oct. 26, the Kwantlen Student Association reviewed the preliminary details for their 2019 budget. KSA VP of Finance and Operations Joseph Thorpe presented the draft budget to council, indicating a few of the changes made so far and speaking about what students can expect to see from the association’s... Continue Reading

Dropping the Myth of Objectivity in Journalism

After decades of vehemently defending the objectivity of the news, journalists are starting to talk more openly about their own biases. Two writers from The Runner had a talk about why this is only starting to happen now, how journalistic biases can be claimed by ethical journalists, and what makes dropping the objectivity myth important.... Continue Reading

KSA Passes New Bylaws at Special General Meeting

The Kwantlen Student Association is set to implement a new set of bylaws after its members voted to approve them at a special general meeting held on Nov. 14. KSA directors, staff, and START volunteers were present on both the Surrey and Richmond campuses to help register and count KPU students for the vote. Food... Continue Reading

KPU Brewing Takes Home Silver Medal from the B.C. Beer Awards

KPU’s Brewing and Brewery Operations program has recently been recognized by the BC Beer Awards for their entry in the German wheat beer category. Brewed by lab instructors and program graduates Derek Kindret and Jon Howe during the summer months, the “50/50 Hefe” was awarded second place out of several entries in the popular category.... Continue Reading

Peer Support Team Hosts Pieces of Mind Conference

While many factors that influence mental health—such as physical health, social life, spirituality, and work-life balance—are commonly acknowledged, rarely do we consider how our mental well-being is impacted by the ideas and values we are exposed to everyday. This year’s Pieces of Mind mental health conference, organized by the Peer Support team and held on... Continue Reading

Art With Impact Screens Movies for Mental Health at KPU

As part of its ongoing outreach efforts, the KPU Peer Support counselling and mental health program partnered with Art With Impact to host a movie night and group discussion at KPU. The event took place in the Surrey campus’ Birch building on Oct. 16 and consisted of three short film screenings followed by a discussion... Continue Reading

Afterthought: McCallum Promises Big Changes for Surrey

Doug McCallum, Surrey’s newly elected mayor, has a lot of work to do. First, there’s the task of reforming the police. Over the last two years, community advocates have been supporting the notion of converting Surrey’s RCMP police force into a municipal force. This would take the responsibility out of the hands of the federal... Continue Reading

B.C.’s Referendum on Electoral Reform Is Underway

B.C. residents of legal voting age will be able to participate in a referendum to decide whether the province should keep its current electoral system or adopt a new one from Oct. 22 to Nov. 30. The referendum will be decided via mail-in ballots, which Elections BC is distributing to registered voters until Nov. 2.... Continue Reading

KSA Planning Spring Referendum to Join CASA

The Kwantlen Student Association plans on holding a referendum this spring to see if students at KPU want to join the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. CASA is a Canada-wide organization that advocates on behalf of student at the federal level. Founded in 1995, the organization facilitates meetings between politicians and student union members, allowing... Continue Reading

British Columbia Youth Parliament is Accepting Applications

Young people from across British Columbia will convene in the Provincial Legislature in Victoria to form the 90th session of the British Columbia Youth Parliament this December. At the event, a group of 97 students and non-students between the ages of 16 and 21 will debate issues presented in Private Member’s Resolutions and decide which... Continue Reading