JB performs infront of the slaytanic bird, which looks not-so-accidentally like a male member. Photo by Jacob Zinn.

Tenacious D rocked Vancouver gently

Comedy-metal duo, Tenacious D, got slaytanic in Vancouver last Sunday night.... Continue Reading
Eicca Toppinen alternates from a slow, classical style of playing to the band's signature, frantic thrash metal. JACOB ZINN/THE RUNNER

Apocalyptica adapt metal to cellos in Vancouver

One day, the floor of the Commodore is going to give in to stomping by ravenous metalheads craving European symphonic rock.... Continue Reading

Apocalyptica bring world-ending metal to Vancouver

Apocalyptica makes their long-awaited return to the Commodore Ballroom on Tuesday, May 22.... Continue Reading
Van Halen tour tee from the band's 2007 tour. BUCKLAVA/FLICKR

Van Halen returns to Van City

Van Halen burn down the avenue into Vancouver on Monday, May 7.... Continue Reading

Trans-Siberian Orchestra lit up Abbotsford

Who says classical music can’t rock? TSO proved it can and does, on Saturday, April 7.... Continue Reading

Stuff your Dad likes: nudie mags

In this week’s Stuff Your Dad Likes, Jacob Zinn’s dad reads playboy for the articles ... Continue Reading

Trans-Siberian Orchestra about to rock Abbotsford

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra plays the Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre on April 17.... Continue Reading
3 Inches of Blood guitarist Shane Clark isn't afraid to wear his heart...er, drink on his sleeve. JACOB ZINN/THE RUNNER.

3 Inches of Blood talks folklore, flutes and fans

Guitarist Shane Clark says listening to 3 Inches of Blood will take you away.... Continue Reading

Stuff your Dad likes: pro wrestling

In this week’s Stuff Your Dad Likes, Jacob Zinn reveals your dad’s love of pro wrestling.... Continue Reading

Stuff your Dad likes: St. Patrick's Day

In this week’s Stuff Your Dad Likes: your dad likes green beer. ... Continue Reading

Symphony X gets more epic and has no plans to change

The Runner’s interview with Symphony X’s Michael Romeo. ... Continue Reading

Stuff Your Dad Likes: Hooters

In this week’s Stuff Your Dad Likes, Jacob Zinn looks at Hooters — and your dad.... Continue Reading

Symphony X and Iced Earth share stage in Vancouver

Review of Symphony X and Iced Earth’s Valentines Day concert.... Continue Reading

Stuff your Dad likes: (senior-friendly) technology

He may be getting old, but your dad isn’t getting any more tech savvy ... Continue Reading
Bassist and frontman Lemmy Kilmister brought Abbotsford to its knees. (Jacob Zinn/The Runner)

Megadeth and Motörhead bang heads in Abbotsford

There were drunks. There were stoners. There were friends at the Gigantour.... Continue Reading