Foundry B.C. to Open Five New Clinics Across the Province

Youth clinics have opened or are opening in Campbell River, Kelowna, Prince George, Abbotsford, and the North Shore Kyrsten Downton, Contributor Thanks to new funding, Foundry B.C.’s mental health clinics will be expanding across the province to provide easier access to youth in need. In December of last year, the provincial government announced that it... Continue Reading
(Tommy Nguyen)

Surrey Campus Library Soft Launches New Food and Noise Rules

Green means go, red means silence! Kyrsten Downton, Contributor This summer, KPU will be soft launching new rules regarding food and noise levels in the Surrey campus library. The new system will divide the library into three separate zones. Todd Mundle, the KPU University Librarian, says that the idea for the new rules came from... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Street Market Returns at New Venue

The market will be open on the Richmond campus until Oct. 31 Kyrsten Downton, Contributor The small but popular Kwantlen Street Market is back at KPU’s Richmond campus for a new season, time, and location. This year, the Kwantlen Student Association-run market will be held every Tuesday from 12 to 4 until the end of... Continue Reading

KPU Alumna Self-Publishes New Book

Amrita Lit’s Chasing Kismet follows a young woman challenging the expectations her community has of her Kyrsten Downton, Contributor Growing up, Amrita Lit struggled to find accurate representations for South Asian people in mainstream media. Instead of continuing to wait for that to change, Lit created her own role model in her newly self-published novel... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Music Students Association Coming This Fall

New club will be open to all music-loving students Kyrsten Downton, Contributor Despite the small size of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Music Department, students enrolled in the program will soon be able to connect with each other in a big way. Earlier this month the Kwantlen Students Association approved the formation of the Kwantlen Music Students... Continue Reading

Surrey Museum Hosts Exhibit of Disney Memorabilia

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off to the Museum We Go! Kyrsten Downton, Contributor Walt Disney once said, “Money doesn’t excite me. Ideas excite me.” Disney’s drive to discover and create was one of the many reasons why he became a leading visionary in the film industry. Now, The Walt Disney Company is one of... Continue Reading

KSA Hosts Lord of the Rings Marathon, Trivia

Aragorn’s courage could be yours, as could a movie-themed board game It was one trivia game to rule them all. On Tuesday, Jan 17, the Kwantlen Student Association hosted a Lord of the Rings trivia game at the Grassroots Cafe in the Surrey Cedar building. The contest kicked off a three-day-long marathon of the movie... Continue Reading

Surrey’s Ban on E-Cigarettes in Public Places Raises Important Questions

To vape or not to vape? If you ask someone whether they think e-cigarettes are safer than real cigarettes, you’ll most likely hear a strong opinion about it. However, if the person you ask lives in the City of Surrey, the answer you hear may not even matter. For anyone who isn’t familiar with vaping,... Continue Reading

KSA to Hold Campaign on Consent for KPU Students

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault The Kwantlen Student Association says it’s time to have a conversation about consent with students. While they are still in the very early stages of planning, the KSA is making plans for a consent campaign to coincide with Welcome Week in the spring of 2017. The campaign will... Continue Reading

KSA Pushes for “National Coming Out Day” Event

Student association hopes to establish visible support for KPU’s LGBTQ+ community The Kwantlen Student Association is putting forward plans to encourage visible support for KPU’s LGBTQ+ community by submitting a “National Coming Out Day” event. The proposal will be brought to the constituency committee in early September for final approval. If approved, the event could... Continue Reading

City of Surrey Hosts Women’s World Softball Championship

Some of the world’s top softball teams came to KPU’s backyard to play ball The only diamonds these women love are made of gravel and have three bases, a home plate, and a pitching rubber. From July 15 to 24, Surrey hosted the 2016 Women’s World Softball Championship at Softball City in White Rock. It... Continue Reading

Protesters Outside Vancouver School Board Rally Against Budget Cuts, School Closures

“Education is our right. Fight, fight, fight!” After dealing with recent funding shortfalls from the Ministry of Education, the Vancouver School Board held a meeting to finalize their new budget on June 30. They ultimately rejected the province’s budget proposal, and as a result, British Columbia’s minister of education ordered an audit of the school... Continue Reading

KPU Cycles for a Cause

30-person tandem bike raises money for Heart and Stroke Foundation On May 16, a group of 14 Kwantlen Polytechnic University students and staff members woke up early to ride a 30-person tandem bike for charity. The “Big Bike Event” took place at the Home Depot in Strawberry Hill and the participants rode the one ton... Continue Reading

Runner-Run Down: Choosing a leader in Canada and the U.S.

It can get pretty complicated, so here’s a brief refresher At the moment both the Canadian and American political systems are going through an era of upheaval. While the Republicans and Democrats struggle to find their respective presidential candidates, the Conservatives and NDP are preparing to choose their leadership after significant defeats in the last... Continue Reading

International Women’s Day Celebrated on Surrey Campus

KPIRG event educates on gender issues The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group hosted an International Women’s Day celebration on Monday, March 14. The celebration, free for everyone, featured a variety of presenters speaking to the audience and engaging them in workshops. The presenters included Brittany Sharma of the South Asian Women Against Male Violence organization,... Continue Reading