What I Learned from Being a Hufflepuff

I am a Hufflepuff. I am loyal, kind, and particularly good at finding things. But a few years ago, I would never have admitted that. I remember being called “weird” and a “know-it-all” every day. I remember the nasty, bitter tone that laced every vowel. I remember that pit in my stomach I’d feel. It... Continue Reading

Will the Next Vancouver Mayor Please Stand Up?

On Jan. 10, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson announced that he would not seek a fifth term as mayor in the upcoming election. Throughout his term, Robertson will be remembered by his peers and the public for his commitment to serving the City of Vancouver. However, he has dropped the ball on a number of political... Continue Reading

Here Are Some Milestones to Look For at this Year’s Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are well underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea, but excitement about the games is continuing to grow here in Canada (thanks hockey!). As of Feb. 16, Canada was sitting in fourth place in the rankings with four gold, five silver, and four bronze medals, and it has been predicted that the nation... Continue Reading

It's Time To Hold Hecklers Accountable

Words are more powerful than many realize. The right words can be used to empower one another, raise the goosebumps on our arms, and enrich our lives. On the other hand, words can also be used to demean and destroy a person’s feeling of security. Heather Butts, a CTV Atlantic reporter, was broadcasting live outside... Continue Reading

Plagiarizing Someone Else's Work Should Not be Tolerated in the Literary Community

Former Canadian Poet Laureate accused of stealing from Tupac, Maya Angelou When former Poet Laureate Pierre DesRuisseaux passed away in January of last year, he left behind a legacy as one of Canada’s greatest French-language poets in the modern era. That legacy has now been called into question. DesRuisseaux, who served as the Canadian Parliamentary... Continue Reading

What Makes a Good University Instructor?

KPU instructors are at their best when they adjust to the university’s unique environment Picking a university instructor is almost as important as picking the classes you take. A good one can change your academic career for the better, while a bad one can have you dreading your weekly class. During my four years at... Continue Reading

KPU Alumni Helps Firefighters Battling Wildfires

Jaymes Williams designed a harness for firefighters Kyrsten Downton, Contributor The wildfire season this summer has been one of the worst in B.C. history with over 1,000 wildfires. Dozens of those fires are still burning, requiring the presence of firefighters in highly dangerous locations. To aid them in their battle, KPU alumnus Jaymes Williams is... Continue Reading

Refuge in Surrey: Stereotypes, Survival and Sanctuary

KPIRG hosts seminar event to teach KPU students about refugees Kyrsten Downton, Contributor In response to the recent influx of refugees in Surrey, the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group hosted a free seminar event for KPU students and staff on July 26. The event, “Refuge in Surrey: Stereotypes, Survival and Sanctuary”, aimed to teach people... Continue Reading

Canada Cup Softball Tournament Returns to Surrey

After eight years, players were glad to take part in the once-underfunded event Kyrsten Downton, Contributor Despite striking out in 2009, the popular Canada Cup softball tournament returned to the mound from July 7 to 17. It was the first time in eight years that the tournament has been held in Surrey. “It feels like... Continue Reading

KSA to Walk with Pride in Vancouver, While Black Lives Matter Protests Police Presence at the Parade

Kyrsten Downton, Contributor The Kwantlen Student Association will be participating again in the Vancouver Pride Parade on Aug. 8, and has released $6000 for marketing and float construction expenses. According to Joseph Thorpe, this year’s float will be the KSA’s best so far, displaying an elaborate tiki-themed design that he feels “we can actually be... Continue Reading

Foundry B.C. to Open Five New Clinics Across the Province

Youth clinics have opened or are opening in Campbell River, Kelowna, Prince George, Abbotsford, and the North Shore Kyrsten Downton, Contributor Thanks to new funding, Foundry B.C.’s mental health clinics will be expanding across the province to provide easier access to youth in need. In December of last year, the provincial government announced that it... Continue Reading
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Surrey Campus Library Soft Launches New Food and Noise Rules

Green means go, red means silence! Kyrsten Downton, Contributor This summer, KPU will be soft launching new rules regarding food and noise levels in the Surrey campus library. The new system will divide the library into three separate zones. Todd Mundle, the KPU University Librarian, says that the idea for the new rules came from... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Street Market Returns at New Venue

The market will be open on the Richmond campus until Oct. 31 Kyrsten Downton, Contributor The small but popular Kwantlen Street Market is back at KPU’s Richmond campus for a new season, time, and location. This year, the Kwantlen Student Association-run market will be held every Tuesday from 12 to 4 until the end of... Continue Reading

KPU Alumna Self-Publishes New Book

Amrita Lit’s Chasing Kismet follows a young woman challenging the expectations her community has of her Kyrsten Downton, Contributor Growing up, Amrita Lit struggled to find accurate representations for South Asian people in mainstream media. Instead of continuing to wait for that to change, Lit created her own role model in her newly self-published novel... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Music Students Association Coming This Fall

New club will be open to all music-loving students Kyrsten Downton, Contributor Despite the small size of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Music Department, students enrolled in the program will soon be able to connect with each other in a big way. Earlier this month the Kwantlen Students Association approved the formation of the Kwantlen Music Students... Continue Reading