Tristan Johnston / The Runner

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau visits Richmond B.C.

Richmond Liberal MPs promise jobs, debt solutions Justin Trudeau was in Richmond on Sept. 30 at the Liberal campaign office, a 10 minute walk from KPU’s Richmond campus. The event was very crowded, with what seemed to be at least 100 people trying to cram themselves into the small office building on Westminster, a few... Continue Reading

The Conservatives won’t talk

Why we have no interviews with Conservative MPs On Monday Sept. 28, I sent out emails requesting interviews with Conservative MPs of eight major “KPU” ridings. As you can tell, I wasn’t very successful. The day after I sent my requests I got a phone call from the Mark Warara office—the Conservative incumbent for Langley-Aldergrove.... Continue Reading
Tristan Johnston / The Runner

Richmond-area candidates gather for public debate

Even the Conservatives showed up On Sept. 30, eight Richmond-area candidates gathered to take questions from a room full of voters. The venue chosen was the Richmond Country Club, right next to the Buddhist Temple along Steveston Highway. In attendance were candidates for Richmond Center and Steveston-Richmond East, with all Conservative, Liberal, NDP, and Green... Continue Reading
John Lehmann / The Globe and Mail

From the Editor: The Economy Debate

No clear winner in recent economy debate While watching the Maclean’s debate last month, I thought that our politicians were incapable of letting each other speak. Watching the Globe and Mail debate two weeks ago, I thought that they bickered even more, and I could feel second-hand stress from David Walmsley. I think that a... Continue Reading

Going Global: Yemen’s Civil War

Yemen’s Civil War Yemen, at this moment, finds itself in a quagmire. In the southern part of the country you have Al-Qaeda, in the west you have Iran-backed Houthis, in the east and the south you have the former government and their loyalists. On top of all of this, you have bombing runs courtesy of... Continue Reading

Construction on KPU Design school has been delayed for the last year

Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design on hold amidst budget constraints For the last several months, a third of the Richmond campus parking lot has been a fenced-off dirt lot. In October of last year, The Runner interviewed Gordon Lee, then-vice-president of finance and administration, who said that construction hadn’t started due to being... Continue Reading

From the Editor

The Refugee Crisis in Europe and the Levant Why are so many Syrians and other refugees dying as they make their way to Europe? A plane ticket from Lebanon to London costs around $600 Canadian, which you might think is too expensive for them, but refugees and migrants that cross the Mediterranean by boat do... Continue Reading

Kwantlen to begin offering online medical marijuana course

The first university in the country to offer a marijuana class KPU has recently announced that they will be offering two online courses on medical marijuana. The program, announced Aug. 18, is one of the first of such courses in Canada. The courses will consist of four modules, each one priced at $1250. One will... Continue Reading

Going Global: India’s Neighbourhood

India’s Neighbourhood   Early this month, India and Bangladesh have put to rest what was possibly the strangest border dispute in the world. Along their shared border were more than 160 enclaves—small plots of land that belong to one country but are surrounded by another country, and in some cases, surrounded again by another country,... Continue Reading

From the editors

What does it mean to be a Kwantlen student? I have been coming to KPU for a few years now. I first arrived after changing majors from sciences at Langara, to journalism here. My goal was to earn my degree and get out, and on with my life. This hasn’t changed. I can’t even finish... Continue Reading

From The Editors

77 Days of Election CNN is the news channel of choice for my parents. I often suggest they watch CBC so that they can actually understand what’s happening in their own country, but they would still rather watch American politics. I think it’s because American politics is much, much more entertaining than whatever we could... Continue Reading

Going Global: Balancing Power in the South China Sea

Balancing Power in the South China Sea Disputes over naval territory have been a consistent struggle in the South China Sea since the end of the Second World War. For several years, Japan and China have both claimed ownership over a set of islands between the north of Taiwan and the south of Okinawa. The... Continue Reading

Bank separation law returns to American congress

The Return of Glass-Steagal comes from Democrats and Republicans Early last month in the United States, Republican John McCain and Democrat Elizabeth Warren announced that they were going to work together to pass a new version of the Glass-Steagall Act, otherwise known as the Banking Act of 1933. For the Americans, and the rest of... Continue Reading
The Runner / Danielle George

The Pros and Cons of Couchsurfing

You might save thousands, but it’s not for everyone. “Hello, Tristan? That’s quite a big bag you have there.” This is what David said to me when I showed up at his apartment in the middle of Paris last year, next to the “Hotel du Ville” Metro station. I had never met him in-person before... Continue Reading
Tristan Johnston / The Runner

We All Float On, okay?

Vancouver is seeing a resurgence of float centres, and it’s not hard to see why “We were the first commercial float centre in Vancouver in over 20 years,” says Mike Zaremba, co-creator of Float House, a float tank centre with locations in Gastown, Kitsilano, and soon in South Surrey. “There were some back in the... Continue Reading