City of Surrey Moves Forward with LRT Project

The City of Surrey is committed to the idea that supporting Light Rapid Transit instead of a SkyTrain extension will help create a future with dependable public transportation for its citizens. Working with the city, TransLink’s director of the Surrey LRT project, Stephan Mehr, believes that Light Rapid Transit will help transform Surrey in ways... Continue Reading

Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design Opens to Students

After years of planning, construction, and some delays, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s new design school building is open to students. While some finishing touches are still being made to the Richmond campus location, many Design students are already taking classes in the new space. “With the B.C. apparel sector poised for strong growth over the next... Continue Reading

BCGEU Calls For Housing Policy Reform

The British Columbia Government Employee and Services Union (BCGEU) recently released its official housing policy, which focuses on the perceived shortage of affordable housing caused by issues such as foreign investment, inflation, and speculation predicated on an incomplete analysis of the local demographic and market trends. Paul Finch—a representative of the BCGEU—says that he believes... Continue Reading

KPU to Become Smoke-Free in 2018

Students, staff, and faculty who smoke at KPU will soon be asked to “butt out” while on campus. On Sept. 28 the university sent students and staff an email from KPU President Alan Davis, who wrote that he is “pleased to share the news that KPU will go smoke-free on Jan. 21, 2018,” with the... Continue Reading

B.C. Holds Public Consultations on Recently-Implemented Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policies

The government of British Columbia recently announced that it will be hosting public consultations regarding the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act, which was enacted by all B.C. post-secondary institutions in May 2017. This move, spearheaded by Advanced Education, Skills, and Training Minister Melanie Mark, builds upon the existing foundation of the Act and aims... Continue Reading

Developing Mindfulness for Children Living in Post-War Northern Uganda

In Northern Uganda, children who once faced the brutalities of murder and rape now live with the devastating aftermath of post-traumatic stress disorder. Kyle Matsuba, a KPU Psychology instructor, is hoping to implement a system to develop social and emotional stability for these youth through his work with the MindUp Program. The people of Uganda... Continue Reading

KPU to Admit Six New Students Based on Portfolios, Not Grades

The days of provincial exams and GPAs may be coming to an end in B.C. thanks in part to a project by Kwantlen Polytechnic University Educational Studies professor David Burns and his team. Burns, who is the primary investigator for the Kwantlen Educational Policy Incubator (KEPI), believes that a letter grade is not the best... Continue Reading

Policy Studies Students at KPU Offer Input for the Future of Newton Sustainability

After receiving funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the City of Surrey recently began implementing the Newton Sustainability in Action Plan to make the Newton area more environmentally friendly. Newton was chosen for its strong community and lack of pre-existing eco-friendly infrastructure. As part of the action plan, the city will be reaching out... Continue Reading

CASA Tackles Problems Felt by Canadian University Students During Advocacy Week

The goal of the Canadian Alliance of Student Association’s annual Advocacy Week is to “talk about how the government can reduce barriers to post-secondary education,” according to Caitlin McCutchen, VP External Affairs for the Kwantlen Student Association. McCutchen was in attendance for this year’s Advocacy Week, which was held jointly by CASA and the Quebec... Continue Reading

Surrey May Soon Be Home to a Professional Sports Stadium

Surrey residents soon might not have to travel far to see professional sports teams in action. According to City Councillor Bruce Hayne, the creation of a professional sports stadium has been in the works for the last six months. Hayne says that a group approached the city with a concept for a project which government... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Student Association Prepares 2018 Budget for Final Approval

The Kwantlen Student Association’s 2018 budget has been drafted by its finance committee and is scheduled to receive final approval at the next KSA Council meeting on Dec. 15. Toward the end of each year, the KSA Finance & Operations Committee works to create a plan for how the association will use the money entrusted... Continue Reading

Delegate Reports Harassment at CFS Meeting

Lauren Emberson, Vice-President Student Life and Events for the Ryerson Student Union, has filed an official complaint to harassment officers with the Canadian Federation of Students for how she was treated at the organization’s most recent general meeting. According to her reports, Emberson experienced what she believed to be targeted discrimination and exclusion at the... Continue Reading

KPU Students Develop Clean Composting Technology

A group of KPU students have designed a product that has the potential to raise the rate of composting in Surrey. With the help of the City of Surrey, the group has spent over a year researching and developing a solution for issues preventing composting in multi-residential buildings. They are now in the process of... Continue Reading

Waste Audit of Langley Campus Shows How KPU Sorts its Garbage

Every year, students in the KPU Environmental Protection Technology program’s “Solid Waste Management” class complete a waste audit of the Langley campus. Waste audits involve the collection, analysis, and categorization of waste streams. The 11 students in the class conducted the audit on Oct. 19—a low-traffic day for KPU campuses. Before the audit, the university’s... Continue Reading

Vertical Farming is on the Rise in Abbotsford

As the effects of climate change and overpopulation become more and more apparent, traditional farming methods seem less likely to provide long-term sustainability for our planet. One potential method of addressing this problem is with a concept called “vertical farming,” which packs more agriculture into a smaller land area by building upwards, much like a... Continue Reading