Kwantlen student clubs: building community and resumes

By Adam Vincent  [Creative Writing Bureau Chief]

Writer's-guild-siteKwantlen has numerous student clubs that help students gain a broader perspective in their area of study and allow them to socialize/work with like-minded individuals.

From the Kwantlen English Students’ Society and the Writer’s Guild- which work to promote literature and writing as both an area of study and as a career- to Kwantlen’s Psychology Society and Philosophy Society- which discuss areas of interest in their field- to clubs that promote areas of cultural interest, almost everyone can find a Kwantlen club that suits their tastes.

There are frequent events held by student clubs that benefit students.  They create a community where students who have similar interests can come together to gain knowledge and experiences beyond the classroom.
Being an active member of a club looks good on your resume and shows your interest in your community and field of study.

The Runner recently interviewed Andrea Purvey, current president of Kwantlen’s Writer’s Guild- which is actively seeking new members- about student clubs and how she became involved with them.

When asked about the importance of student clubs, Purvey said that aside from their educational benefits, student clubs are good for finding like-minded friends.

“During my second year at Kwantlen I made several friends in my writing classes. We had all heard of rumblings of trying to get the guild moving again and decided to join together. Really, my intention was to make more friends at school and get to know some of the people who were in my classes since many of the classes I took were online,” said Purvey.

When asked how she became president of the guild, Purvey responded, “at the end of last year the previous president, Harry Tournemille, decided to take a sabbatical from Kwantlen.
Over the course of the summer, after speaking with some of the current members I decided to volunteer myself to take over from Harry for fear of seeing the guild dissolve.
“It was important to many of the current members to see the guild continued as many of us had graduated the department that year.

“This summer took a lot of work from myself and the faculty advisors to create a schedule and a premise that would help keep the guild going not only this year but for many years after.”
Many student clubs have goals that they wish to accomplish. Kwantlen’s Writer’s Guild is no exception.

“Aside from producing the Kwantlen Totem, a literary magazine, each year and hosting many writers and guests at the school, the goal of the guild is to create an environment for students, alumni and faculty to get together,” said Purvey.
“[In the guild, they] experience the writing world in a perspective which is different from what we get in the classroom. We offer various talks from faculty members on the writing profession, we do many writing exercises to develop our body of work, we offer support to one another, and finally, we offer a social outlet for like-minded and creative people.”

Purvey said that student clubs are paramount in building a strong community at Kwantlen.

She said, “I think that any time a student is able to reach others in their department it is beneficial. We all spend a lot of time in the classroom together and it is important to share ideas outside of that space.  The friends I have made through the guild are lifelong, and I feel as though I am a much better writer, student and person because of the experiences I have had through the Kwantlen Creative Writer’s Guild.”

For a list of student clubs, visit and the Kwantlen Student Association’s website at


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