Good vibrations: Sex toys for the ladies

“The only thing I find appalling about vibrators is the gratuitous use of cute animal faces”

By Kristi Jut [Contributor]

Female-toy reviewers and sex bloggers alike agree that Lelo vibrators are the best thing to happen to the single woman since we got the vote.

Now, the guilty self-pleasuring woman knows she’s stuffing landfills with dead batteries, but there’s good news for eco-friendly vibrator-vixen. Lelo’s entire line of self-pleasure toys have rechargeable ion batteries that range from clitoral massagers to g-spot vibrators with impressive handle. The Lelo Nea, just one of the company’s many toys, is a discreet beauty weighing a slight 37 grams. The clitoral massager is meant to travel or be stored away in small places.

But the Lelo toys can get pretty expensive: the petite Nea is actually $119, and the full-size Elise vibrator is $198 with a range of prices in between. At least you’ll be saving cash on batteries, and better yet, saving the environment. All while procrasturbating.

Vibe virgins might want to go cheaper for their first time. Things like vibrating finger-socks are a good investment, or “bullets,” which are inexpensive and can be used on their own or can be inserted into a dildo to create a full vibe-experience. boasts a whack of inexpensive toys, big and small, even vibrators under $15. Womyn’s Ware on Commercial Drive also has a large inventory of vibrators and stimulators for both solo-women and couples. Tongue tingler anyone? The store also has in depth love-manuals and affordable slip-kits (a variety package of lubricants), which are arguably the most important part of using vibes and other toys.

The only thing I find appalling about some vibrators is the gratuitous use of cute animal faces on something I’m about to—you know—do my business with. I mean, that just really does not make a lady wet. Maybe I’m alone in that, because aside from the legendary rabbit, there’s the dolphin, the butterfly and even the caterpillar. All I know is that if I can’t have the real deal, I want something that at least resembles it.

But whether it’s clitoral massagers, dils or vibrators, ladies: remember the lube.