KSA Budget Passes: Grassroots Cafe to make small profit

The KSA’s student cafe is expected to bring in $16,000 profit for the 2010 fiscal year.

By Chris Yee [Student Affairs Bureau Chief]

The Grassroots Cafe is expected to make a small profit in the 2010 fiscal year, according to the KSA‘s 2010 budget, which passed Jan. 28.

Predictions are that the Grassroots Cafe will earn $286,000 in gross income is and incur gross expenses of over $269,000, yielding over $16, 000 in net revenue.

Other budget items expected to run small surpluses are the START volunteer program ($3,100), Awards, Bursaries, Funding and Pledges ($2,850), and the Student Health and Dental Plan (over $23,000).

Net general operating revenue for 2010 is expected to be over $341,000, after gross expenses of over $813,000 are taken out of gross revenue of over $1.155 million. However, deficits were incurred or are expected in a number of budgetary areas.

Advertising, Sponsorship and Student Life ran a deficit of over $69,000 in 2009. However, it is expected to break even in 2010.

Member Services is expected to run a deficit of over $136,000 in the 2010 fiscal year, after gross expenses of over $305,000 and gross revenue of over $169,000. Out of the Member Services expenses, the most costly items were purchasing transit passes to sell to students (budgeted at nearly $132,000 in total), and staff wages and benefits (budgeted, in total, at over $141,000.)

Advocacy, Campaigns, Conferences and Lobbying is expected to incur a deficit of over $17,000, while Liaisons and Social Justice will see a deficit of nearly $30,000.
REBOOT will also be operating at a loss in 2010, with a deficit of $6,175.

Still, the 2010 KSA budget is expected to break even, with total net revenues and expenses of over $4 million.

Steve Lee, KSA Finance Director, could not be contacted for comment in time for publication.