Groat in the sack: 4:20 for pleasure

By Jeff Groat [Lifestyle Bureau Chief]

You may have heard of whiskey dick, but have you heard of pot penis?

With 4:20, 2010 fast approaching, there are some things to consider before you share your bed and your weed. Something about a sack (of weed I mean).

Marijuana has long roots in the history of Eastern medicine and sexuality; it’s associated with tantric sex and other fun things.

Just for the record, I don’t advocate doing anything illegal, especially drugs, but I do accept the reality of our city.

The reality is that people have sex and people do drugs. And sometimes they do both.

There are a number of conflicting scientific reports out there that support this or that facet of the effects of pot use, but I figured we should go directly to the source.

On the internet, there are a number of articles published by magazines like High Times and Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture that tout the sensual and the sexual benefits of toking before touching.

The white coats will tell you that it lowers sperm counts in males and makes you lazy and suppresses a woman’s sexual drive, but not according to the “experts.”

On top of this, pot can heighten the sensation of “climax,” but all of this comes at low doses.

Usually, the benefits are described more along spiritual lines instead of overtly affecting the physical processes of sex.

In hippie language, this means that partners have a heightened sensation and awareness of their own and their partner’s bodies during sex (and before and after).

At high doses, the hormonal processes involved break-down as pot disrupts the communication between the brain and the rest of the body.

Keep in mind that marijuana is illegal and you shouldn’t use it, but if you “accidentally” wind up with a “joint” in your hand and “smoke” it, then you can be sure you’re in for some wild times in the sack.


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