Build your own board.

By Matt Law [Media Editor]

Want to go surfing but too poor to take a ferry? Like the idea of skateboarding but not eating pavement? Missing your snowboard?

Skimboarding is the perfect summer answer for those wanting to try a board sport around Vancouver’s beaches. Sure, you can pay close to $200 at some of the fancy boarding stores, or $25 at the convenience stores on White Rock Beach. Why not spend some time and make your own custom board?

You will need…

A sheet of plywood (at least 5ply and minimum 150 cm x 80 cm).

Paint and varnish

Jig saw with a fine tooth blade

How to start.

Trace out the size and shape of your board on the plywood (103cm x 53cm) in a thin egg shape. You may want to make a larger size board if you are taller than 5’9 and you can be creative with the shape.

Cut out the board with a fine tooth blade jig saw. Makes sure to sand the edges and apply a coat of white primer.

Paint whatever design you may want, stickers work well too.

Place the ends of the board on two chairs (or whatever you can find) with the painted side facing up and place a weight (around 20 lbs) in the middle of the board. Let it sit over night. This gives a slight curve to the board and will help when using it in the water.

Apply at least four coats of varnish to the entire board and let dry.

Go fall on your face.


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