KSA council should not exclude students from important decisions

Letter: KSA constituencies disagree with decision to hold decision about pro-life group behind closed doors.

An open letter to the Kwantlen Student Association council:

As constituencies and as the elected officials with the duty to represent our constituents, we take serious issue with council’s recent decision made during a closed door session regarding the anti-choice campus group Protectores Vitae.

While we understand the need to receive legal advice in camera, we strongly disagree with the decisions to hold the subsequent discussions behind closed doors, to exclude students and constituencies from publicly voicing their concerns, and to keep the results of the vote secret from students.

Though we may not all agree with your final decision to make the anti-choice group a club, we would like to hear and understand your individual reasonings.

We sincerely hope that these were honest mistakes and not attempts to avoid being accountable to the students who voted you into office, and that you will take immediate action to rectify the situation.

We call on the Kwantlen Student Association council to:

1) Hold a public discussion at the next council meeting to allow elected officials to explain their positions and allow the constituencies a chance to publicly air their concerns and;

2) Conduct a roll call vote on the motion to make Protectores Vitae a club to ensure that all members of council have their vote publicly recorded.


Women Organizing Opportunities for Women

Pride Kwantlen Collective

Arzo Ansary, Women’s Constituency Representative

Lydia Luk, Queer Constituency Representative

Melinda Bige, Aboriginal Constituency Representative

Richard Hosein, Students of Colour Constituency Representative