Ansary appointed as KSA women's rep

Almost 100 students attended the April 11 SGM.

Almost 100 students attended the April 11 SGM.

By Matt DiMera
[coordinating editor]

Arzo Ansary has rejoined the Kwantlen Student Association’s board of directors, after a unanimous vote to appoint her as the women’s representive at a special general meeting (SGM) on April 11.

Ansary was disqualified from running in the last election in February after filing her nomination papers an hour late.

Ansary will hold office until the end of the term in March 2014, or until a by-election is held.

Almost 100 students attended the meeting on the Surrey campus, surpassing the 60-student minimum required by the KSA’s bylaws.

Kwantlen students stand to vote in favour of appointing Arzo Ansary as the KSAs women’s constituency representative. (Matt DiMera/The Runner)

The motion to appoint Ansary was moved and seconded by Iman Ghahremani and Richard Hosein, students who both currently serve on the KSA’s board.

The KSA’s mature student representative Ahmad Kheslat spoke against the appointment multiple times during the meeting, arguing that holding the special meeting was costing students money.

“It’s nothing personal,” said Kheslat. “It’s a question of how students’ money is being used by the council.”

He also suggested that Ansary should wait until the next election.

“This is not fair for those students who were elected,” he said.

KSA senate representative Ghahremani dismissed Kheslat’s points, saying that Ansary had done an exemplary job over the her previous term on council.

“These minor costs, when looking at what she was able to achieve not only for women on this campus, but also students-at-large, are miniscule,” Ghahremani rebutted.

“The minor, tiny, less-than-$100 cost that goes to something like this is a ridiculous argument against an SGM such as this. It would definitely be a step back in the wrong direction if we don’t appoint Arzo Ansary as the women’s representative.”

Student and women’s collective member Jessica Lar-Son also spoke on Ansary’s behalf.

“I think this campus really benefits having her as a part of it,” she said.

Ansary eventually addressed the crowd to speak about why she wanted to be the women’s representative.

“This is something I feel passionately about. I grew up in an environment where I had no freedoms. I had nothing and then I came to university and it opened up my mind,” she explained.

“Forget that this is me . . . there is a need to have the voice of women represented on this organization.”

Kheslat left the room shortly before the vote and the vote to appoint her was unanimous — 90 for and 0 against.