If Kwantlen’s Campuses Were Students in Your Class

By: Connor Doyle & Danielle George

Cloverdale is…The Tech Geek.

Danielle George / The Runner
  • Furrowed brow says he’s probably the hardest working member of class.
  •  Power glove gives Cloverdale +2 to welding, masonry.
  • Constantly fiddling with wires. Rumours that he is in fact a cyborg remain unfounded.
  • Most Likely To: Test his Kerbal Space Program theories out in real life.
  • In a group project Cloverdale will: Volunteer to handle all the Powerpoint stuff.


Richmond is…The Fashionable One.

Danielle George / The Runner
  •  Always on top of the latest trends, mostly because he decides what they are.
  • Satchel filled with design concepts for small businesses, friend’s band.
  • Occasionally becomes confused and disoriented trying to navigate hallways.
  • Most Likely To: Become one with his Instagram account.
  • In a group project Richmond will: Contribute one really cool idea then spend the rest of the time doodling in his notebook.

NOT PICTURED: Richmond’s little sister, The Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design.


Surrey is…The All-Star.

Danielle George / The Runner
  • Inflated sense of self importance. Clearly considers himself the “most important one.”
  • Sort of hard to argue with him, though. He’s good at everything.
  • A consummate athlete, though his sports career has come into question lately due to an unforeseen knee injury (read: budget constraints).
  • Most Likely To: Periodically forget he is not the centre of the universe.
  • In a group project Surrey will: Appoint himself group leader, insist everyone meet at his place.


Langley is…The Chill Dude.

Danielle George / The Runner
  • Total musicophile. You have GOT to check out his record collection.
  • Only drinks craft beer, has lots of opinions about it.
  • What’s that he’s growing? Basket Stuffers? Some New Guinea Impatiens? Weed? We’ll never tell.
  • Pet cat. Keeps the mice away.
  • Most Likely To: Achieve nirvana.
  • In a group project Langley will: Not show up a lot, causing the others to doubt his existence.