KPU Senate and Board of Governors Pass Proposal to Reorganize Faculty of Academic and Career Advancement

Correction: The Runner regrets errors made in the previous version of this story. The Faculty of Academic and Career Advancement is not being “discontinued” as reported. KPU’s “Board of Governors and Senate passed a recommendation to retain the governance body of the Faculty of Academic and Career Advancement and re-name it as part of a... Continue Reading

KPU Announces Plans to Reduce Course Offerings, Increase Class Sizes

In a message sent to Kwantlen Polytechnic University faculty members on Feb. 15, KPU President Alan Davis announced that the university had reached “financial capacity” and must take action to avoid a deficit. As a result, KPU plans on increasing its average class size over the next five years from 22 to 24 students. In... Continue Reading

Meet the Candidates in the Upcoming KSA Election

It’s February, which means that KPU students are putting their names forward to run in the Kwantlen Student Association’s upcoming by-election. Right now there are 35 names on the list of potential future politicians hoping to win their say in KPU’s student-funded, student-driven governmental body. You, as paying members of the KSA (check your tuition... Continue Reading

From The Editors: Conservatives shouldn’t fear a perceived liberal bias in student media

In my time with The Runner, I’ve had the good fortune to work with a lot of talented young writers. Most frequently, I enjoy reading stories from students who can write with both passion and contemplation, who can read extensively on a topic before delivering an opinion that is at once fiercely held and well-informed.... Continue Reading

The 2018 KSA Election Results Are In

Seventeen student representatives have been elected as a result of the 2018 Kwantlen Student Association election held on Feb. 7 and 8. Each of these students will hold seats on KSA Council through the 2018/19 term. Beginning with the Faculty Representatives, both candidates running to represent students in the faculty of Science and Horticulture, Victoria... Continue Reading

From The Editors: What About Whataboutism?

A parent catches one of their kids misbehaving—let’s say, bullying someone on Twitter. In addition to telling him that online harassment is wrong, the parent decides to give the child a punishment. No Twitter for a week. The kid says, “What about my sister? Last week she cheated on her homework and you haven’t punished... Continue Reading

Five Reasons to Be Proud (and Ashamed) of KPU

Imagine a classroom filled with students from each of British Columbia’s post-secondary institutions. The UBC student would probably represent the “top of the class,” with SFU and UVic trailing close behind. These would be the “A+” students—the ones who speak up in class, get their work in on time or early, and complete any and... Continue Reading

Creative Writing Guild finds new ways to tell stories

Guild’s podcast series offers platform for student writers In August of last year, the Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild released the first episode of a new podcast/YouTube series called Comma Splice. The series is made up of short plays, prose pieces, and poetry from Kwantlen Polytechnic University writing students. Each episode revolves around a single concept... Continue Reading

KSA Hopefuls Debate Major Issues in Anticipation of Election

Candidates argued over space and student engagement, hoping to win over voters While the American public continues to be inundated by a legion of politicians duking it out on television amidst the RNC and DNC primaries, Kwantlen Polytechnic University students got their own taste of political warfare in the form of the Kwantlen Student Association... Continue Reading

The Darwinism of Kwantlen Clubs

In light of a $90,000 reduction in clubs and events funding, student life at KPU will have to evolve For better or worse, a change is coming to the way student life is conducted at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Prompted by major funding cuts to the Kwantlen Student Association’s clubs and events budget, those who promote... Continue Reading

If Kwantlen’s Campuses Were Students in Your Class

By: Connor Doyle & Danielle George Cloverdale is…The Tech Geek. Furrowed brow says he’s probably the hardest working member of class.  Power glove gives Cloverdale +2 to welding, masonry. Constantly fiddling with wires. Rumours that he is in fact a cyborg remain unfounded. Most Likely To: Test his Kerbal Space Program theories out in real... Continue Reading

Hollywood Finally Gets it Right with The Runner Film

Adapting the story of a KPU student publication is Tinseltown’s first good idea in years. The Runner has never been one to shy away from the limelight. We’ve been breaking stories at KPU for nearly eight years now: When the student government was deceiving and defrauding Kwantlen students, we were there to report it. When... Continue Reading

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This...

Guide to the Lands of the Surrey Campus The Twin Towns of Spruce and Fir While these may appear to be merely a pair of sleepy hamlets, they in fact hide an endless network of underground societies and guilds in which fresh-faced Kwantlen students may find themselves some measure of glory. Most trades folk make... Continue Reading

inFlux brings artists together

A night of music, spoken word, and art celebrates Surrey. Surrey has never been known as a cultural capital. It’s long battled the twin stigmas of crime and crippling suburbanisation, traits that seem antithetical to a community doing its very best to nurture artist s and their endeavours. But for more than forty years now,... Continue Reading