Meet your candidates for the 2016 KSA Election: Campus Representatives

Tristan Johnston, Coordinating Editor
Kier-Christer Junos, Staff Writer
Preet Hundal, Contributor
Photos by Braden Klassen, Contributor (unless otherwise stated)

Editor’s Note: Candidate statements have been edited for brevity and clarity.

Langley Campus Representative (one to be elected)

Connor Griffiths

Geoffrey Nilson / The Runner

“I think the ‘90s one-hit wonder, Hanson sums up my campaign with this quote: ‘Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du Yeah.” Yes, my dog is a shameless way to pander for votes. What does Kwantlen Langley need? FREE BEER, puppies, a ferris wheel, and of course a signed portrait of Beyoncé. I’ve been the only one in this campaign that is bringing up the impending White Walker invasion. It’s about time that the four campuses unite to defend the wall. A vote for me is a vote.”

*This statement was submitted via email.

Tyler Wenman

election feature-Tyler Wenman

I noticed that [in Langley] we don’t actually have a campus rep right now. So it’s disappointing to see that my campus wasn’t being represented and I thought of ways that I could help with that. I have some experience, not in council, but in working with student government and politics here. I sat on the external affairs committee, I’m very committed and . . . I’d like to go further than that. I think that if more students knew about all the diverse opportunities in the KSA, we might get some more people involved.”

Richmond Campus Representative (one to be elected)

Murdoch de Mooy

election feature-Murdoch de Mooy

“I want to make sure that clubs and the KSA can involve everyone in the student body, especially those in Richmond. I want club spaces in Richmond in addition to other activities and events. There’s an insane change between activities [in Surrey] and in Richmond. I want to bring attention to activities to such as club days, and have more engaging activities in general in Richmond campus. This year every candidate running for this position is great. I want to bring in some new ideas and get new people involved.”

Beth Faszer

electionfeature-Beth Faszer
Courtesy of Beth Faszer

“Student councillors should promote their constituents to council at every meeting, and always actively represent them; I believe that I can do such a job as Richmond Campus Representative. I’m Beth Faszer, and I’ve been a full-time student on Richmond campus for a year and half. I’m also actively involved as a student member in the KSA, sitting on the Student Services and Appointments committees, as well as a subcommittee dedicated to securing retail discounts exclusive to KPU students. I’m excited for the upcoming semesters, and look forward to working on behalf of Richmond! Thanks for your support.”

*This statement was submitted via email.

Damanpreet Garcha

electionfeature-Damanpreet Garcha

“I’ve always been into student life. I like volunteering, but I also like taking on a leadership role, and I thought [joining] the KSA would be the next step in having more of a leadership role. I feel like the most important characteristic I have is that I’m passionate. I’m doing it because I like to do it and I’m not doing it for any other reason, so I think that will make me stand out. I chose Richmond campus [rep] because I feel like Richmond doesn’t have that much student life compared to Surrey, and I hope to bring more events towards the Richmond campus.”

Chanel Kwong (incumbent)

electionfeature-Chanel Kwong

“I think, for me, if I try 100 per cent and tell all the students what I can do for [them], I think the students will make the right decision. I was talking to a student and they didn’t know they were paying for the dental plan for a whole year. But after talking to multiple students they felt that, wow, the KSA is not just a rip-off. I want to run because I really want to make RIchmond students specifically more comfortable, who think that, ‘oh, we’re actually part of the school. We’re actually part of the community.’ I want to bring that message, that, “you belong to Kwantlen.”

Surrey Campus Representative (one to be elected)

Arpan Chechi

electionfeature-Arpan Chechi

“Surrey campus is a big campus. There are a lot of students. And there are a lot of things that are going on. I’ve been talking to everybody, I’ve been listening to everybody’s problems before I’ve even contested for these elections. Because that’s kind of my nature, I like helping, I like being with people, I like talking with them. I’d try to promote sports more, I’ll try bringing in volleyball, basketball, and some other sports that [people] like. We need more people, more guys and girls who can play really good. We have them but we need more so we can perform better.”

Tanvir Singh (current arts representative)

electionfeature-Tanvir Singh

“One of my big platforms this term is to advocate for student space on campus, so I thought the Surrey rep position would be the perfect way to do that. [I would bring to the KSA] accountability, as well as good leadership and ability. Right now I chair three committees on the KSA and I’m doing a pretty good job of it. My big platforms this time are to continue working on student life, to advocate for student space, and just bring accountability to the KSA to make sure our resources are going towards the right initiatives.”