Meet your candidates for the 2016 KSA Election: Constituency Representatives

Tristan Johnston, Coordinating Editor
Kier-Christer Junos, Staff Writer
Preet Hundal, Contributor
Photos by Braden Klassen, Contributor

Constituency Representatives

International Students Representative (one to be elected)

Zubair Ahmed

electionfeature-Zubair Ahmed

“I would like to bring [solutions to] the problems faced by international students. [People should vote for me] because I can . . . solve the problems faced by international students. I have certain ideas for issues that I want to highlight.”

Navkaran Singh Kahlon

electionfeature-Navkaran Singh Kahlon

“People should vote for me because I’m pretty confident and I don’t hesitate to take up issues. I will take all the possible issues and I’ll help them out in every possible way. And moreover I’ll do whatever I can do for them. We can help international students, it’s very hard for them to stay here so if we can arrange homestays for them that would be a good thing—if there can be some cut in fees, because they are paying three times more than local students here.”

Dilsharn “Sharn” Kaur

electionfeature-Dilsharn Kaur

“I’ve been with the KSA for over one year. I’m a volunteer with START KSA and I’m a part of the street team too. If I get elected as international rep, I will be bringing everything to the table from those international students. Their issues and whatever the changes they want in the system or how they want to pursue their journey in Kwantlen. I would like to hold more events for international students as well. And along with them I want to care for every student, not just international students.”

Queer Students Representative (one to be elected)

Ryot “R” Jey

electionfeature-Ryot Jey

“I’m running for queer rep because I think it’s important that Kwantlen has someone who understands intersectionality and oppression of many marginalized groups within the LGBTQ+ community. There’s also groups outside that [who] are wanting to be able to work together and make the world a better place. After I found out that the previous queer rep stepped down, I took the initiative and stepped up to host meetings during the semester, as well as having biweekly meetings in the Pride office. I’ve been actively involved with Pride for three, four years now. If I were to change anything, I would probably get [the KSA] to be more trans-inclusive.”

Students with Disabilities Representative (one to be elected)

Landon Charney

electionfeature-Landon Charney

“I know what it’s like to have a disability and nobody listens to you. Nobody listens to your voice, nobody listens to your suggestions–no matter how hard you try. If [my constituency] has anything, comments or concerns, they can come to me. I’m a nice guy, you can tell that already. [I would bring to the KSA] a couple of new policies that could protect us disabilities students. I know a couple of people that were asking for a lot more time for exams and tests and stuff. Which we do have already, but I think it’s not enough. So I might bring that to the table.”

Kim McMartin (incumbent)

election feature-Kimberley McMartin

“Right now, we’re working a lot with DAMN, we’re strengthening infrastructure, we’re working with the president and PDEC, and a couple of other committees. We’re all getting in together so we can make it more acceptable, more safe, inclusive, and diverse for people with disabilities. I’m working a lot with Radio Free Kwantlen because I want to have that other option for students with disabilities to communicate. I’m still trying to get the disabilities collective going. I’m trying really hard with that. I don’t want to just have one person in the position. I want to have information points, I want it to be equal.”

Women’s Representative (one to be elected)

Natasha Castela Lopes

electionfeature-Natasha Castela Lopes

“I decided to run because I already work so much with the KSA and at the moment I reached the limit of what I can do as a student member. I have always worked for the student body and believed in it. I see the student body as my basis and my home. This is my group. These are the people that I want to support me and I will support them back. [I would bring to the KSA] more inclusivity. Running for this position, it’s obvious that student members aren’t as present, and I want to represent those who identify as woman to come to the forefront. I want . . . to offer more opportunities and more classes and everything.”