Feel Like a Foodie by Ordering Secret Menu Items at Grassroots

Students can arrive hungry and enjoy delicious, off-menu finds at the Surrey campus cafe


Whether or not you visit the Grassroots Cafe on a regular basis, you deserve to know about a few of the best dishes you can get there that aren’t well-advertised.

You may have to dish out a few more dollars in order to try some of the following items, but it’ll be worth it. At this point, you’ve already given KPU most of your money for tuition and books. What’s the big deal if you treat your taste buds to something mouth-watering?

Mexicali Salad
If you’re a fan of the Grassroots’ Mexicali Wrap, you’re going to love it as a salad too. Whether you’re “trying” to cut down on carbs (like me) or you’re not too fond of the wrap itself, worry not. The salad is practically the same thing as a wrap—minus the wrap—and at no extra charge.

When you order it, the server will probably ask if you want the chicken warm or cold. I prefer the chicken to be warmed and added onto the salad, but you can choose to have it cold. What could be better than a salad with chicken, cheese, peppers, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream? Did I say guacamole? Yes, I did. Tip: Ask your server to squirt a bit of Tzatziki on the side. Your taste buds will thank you.

Tater Tot Nachos
Does anyone else feel like a little kid when eating tater tots? When the Grassroots first added nachos to their menu, I couldn’t wait to try them. If you love cheesy nachos with all the scrumptious toppings they have to offer, but you want a break from tortilla chips, have no fear—tater tots are here! Feel free to opt out of any of the toppings in case you don’t like them. You may want to guard your plate because your friends might think this dish is too good not to share.

Tuesday Mac and Cheese “Chili Dog” Wrap
Okay, I’m starving just writing this description. The cheese gods must really be watching over cheese and carb lovers because this wrap is a match made in heaven for them. On Tuesdays, arrive on an empty stomach at the Grassroots because you’ll want to try the mac and cheese “chili dog” wrap. I’m not too fond of chili, so I think I’d just order the wrap with mac and cheese. If this secret-menu item doesn’t make you drool, I don’t know what will.

Bacon Caesar Wrap
For those of you who’ve tried the chicken caesar wrap at the Grassroots, you know that you can either have the whole wrap cold or warmed up in the oven. But what you may not know is that you can get the caesar wrap with bacon instead of chicken. Bacon lovers, I’m talking to you! Take advantage of the chance to eat bacon in a wrap.

The next time you stop by the Grassroots, make sure to try one of the secret, off-menu items. Remember, “diet” stands for “did I eat that?”