What I Learned from 24 Hours Without Technology

If I could invent a Facebook relationship status for everyone obsessed with their phones, I’d create one that reads, “in a relationship with my phone,” and change my status to that. It’s sad, but very true. Lately I’ve found myself checking my social media the very moment I get up. In fact, I’ve become addicted... Continue Reading

How the Surrey Police Force is Progressing to Replace The RCMP

By April 1, 2021, Surrey could have its own municipal police force up and running—that is, if Surrey residents are still in favour of it.  the B.C. provincial government approved Mayor Doug McCallum’s plan to replace the RCMP with a Surrey Police Force on Aug. 22. During the last municipal election, McCallum made crime a... Continue Reading

Fighting the Pressure to Settle Down in Your Twenties

It feels like everyone in my social circle is either getting married or having babies. All I can say is that I won a box of free dessert last week.  According to a New York Times article, young adults are actually waiting to marry and have children later in life. The article states that both... Continue Reading

KPU Surrey’s Spruce Building Will Be Ready for Students this Fall

After much anticipation, renovations to the Surrey campus’s Spruce building will be complete in time for classes to be held there this fall. Spruce is a 27-year-old building behind Fir that has long been home to arts and science courses in Surrey. Early last year, the Government of Canada contributed $7.3 million to the renovations... Continue Reading
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Teahouse Manager Was Wrong to Refuse Service to a Trump Supporter

Darin Hodge, a manager at the popular Teahouse restaurant in Stanley Park, was fired after refusing to serve a Trump supporter wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in early June. According to an article by CTV News, the customer was asked to remove his hat in order to dine in the restaurant, but chose... Continue Reading
Surrey RCMP cruisers parked outside the District 3 precinct police station in Newton. (Braden Klassen)
Surrey RCMP cruisers parked outside the District 3 precinct police station in Newton. (Braden Klassen)

Surrey Community Alliance Proposes the Creation of a Police Force

According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, Doug Elford, a city council hopeful and president of Surrey Community Alliance, wants the City of Surrey to create a municipal police force to diminish local gang violence. In response to the recent targeted shooting of two teenagers—16-year-old Jaskarn Singh Jhutty and 17-year-old Jaskaran Singh Bhangal—the alliance wants to... Continue Reading

Four Ways to Keep Cool at School this Summer

If you’re stuck commuting to KPU this summer, I’m so sorry. All jokes aside, you better be prepared to endure the heat wave that will accompany you to campus over the next few months. This summer is expected to be one of the hottest ones on record, so here are just a few ways to... Continue Reading
The BC Law Courts located in Vancouver. (flickr/Jeff Hitchcock)
The BC Law Courts located in Vancouver. (flickr/Jeff Hitchcock)

The Canadian Court System is Suffering from Delays

According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, three Mounties accused of pepper spraying a man named Trevor Ryan Vandervalk in custody in June 2013 have yet to be charged. Provincial court judge Ronald Lamperson has stayed the assault charges because lengthy court delays have violated the policemen’s charter rights. Two of the officers, RCMP... Continue Reading

Feel Like a Foodie by Ordering Secret Menu Items at Grassroots

Whether or not you visit the Grassroots Cafe on a regular basis, you deserve to know about a few of the best dishes you can get there that aren’t well-advertised. You may have to dish out a few more dollars in order to try some of the following items, but it’ll be worth it. At... Continue Reading

Victoria City Councillor Should Say “Yay”, not “Neigh”, to Horse-Drawn Carriages

Not everyone in Victoria is on the horse-drawn bandwagon. Since 1903, Tally-Ho Carriage Tours has been recognized as one of Victoria’s most iconic sightseeing experiences. Tourists in Vancouver can also go on horse-drawn carriage rides in Stanley Park. I can’t imagine someone visiting either city and not being able to go on a horse-drawn carriage... Continue Reading

Bites for Kids Brings Food Kits to Inner-City Children in Surrey

Child food insecurity is a major issue in the Lower Mainland, but Bites for Kids, a KPU-based startup and social enterprise, is tackling the issue one food kit at a time. Bites for Kids was founded in January, when students in KPU’s BBA Entrepreneurial Leadership program began work on their practicum. Co-founder Braedon Campbell says... Continue Reading

Conservatives Fight for Trudeau to “Pay It Back” for Bahamas Vacation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has an expensive tab and the Conservative Party is making sure he settles up. In December 2016, Trudeau vacationed with his family in the Bahamas on the Aga Khan’s private island, Bells Cay. The trip cost at least $215,000 and was paid for by Canadian taxpayers. Expenses included providing the Prime... Continue Reading

Hit Snooze on Installing Sleep Pods at KPU

If you often find yourself in dire need of a quick nap while on campus, you’re likely in favour of getting a few sleep pods at KPU. BCIT installed two sleep pods in their Burnaby campus library as a part of a pilot project in July of 2016. The technical institute noticed that students were... Continue Reading

Your Guide to Valentine’s Day at KPU

If you’re stuck studying at KPU on Valentine’s Day, or you want to escape the harsh reality of being single, there are a few things you can do on campus—aside from crying. Then again, if you’re at KPU on the most “romantic” day of the year, that’s a valid reason to cry. For all the... Continue Reading

Post-Secondary Institutions Across Canada are Hiring More Female Faculty Members

According to an article by Times Higher Education, the number of female professors in post-secondary schools is higher than it has ever been, having risen by nine per cent over the last six years. The data, gathered by Statistics Canada, says that women accounted for almost 40 per cent of full-time academic teaching staff at... Continue Reading