How Starbucks stole Christmas

The decision to discontinue the eggnog latte breaks a sacred holiday tradition

(Kristen Frier)

(Kristen Frier)


If you’re a fan of eggnog, and have looked at the Starbucks holiday drink menu this year, you’d think they were the grinch who stole Christmas. This year, the eggnog latte did not return with the other Christmas favourites like the peppermint mocha, chestnut praline, and caramel brûlée. 

Discontinuing it was a huge mistake on their part. I know they have a new sugar oat latte, but you can’t have a red cup season without an eggnog latte. The world isn’t right without it. If they took away the pumpkin spice latte, all the “basic white girls” would come after them.

Recently, Blenz threw shade at Starbucks on social media for not bringing the beloved Christmas latte back. While they didn’t name Starbucks directly in their post, it was pretty clear who they were referring to when they said, “Unlike the other guys, we understood the assignment.” In their Instagram reel, you can see a Blenz red cup knocking over a Starbucks red cup. 

It’s good that Blenz has brought the eggnog and gingerbread lattes back. For Starbucks’ sake, perhaps this might ease some tension if loyal eggnog fans want to from Blenz instead. Unlike Starbucks, they still offer the gingerbread latte —  another favourite that Starbucks hasn’t had for a few years now. With the eggnog latte’s sudden departure, they must be asking for trouble.

I’m not sure if a lot of eggnog latte fans will want to visit Blenz now that Starbucks doesn’t have theirs, but I can see how it’d be an incentive for Blenz to compete. However, they’re not the only coffee chain that’s able to offer the drink to customers. 

I admire their attempt to gain a good rapport with eggnog lovers out there, but, unfortunately, their eggnog-based drinks aren’t the same quality as the ones from Starbucks. I got a chai eggnog from Blenz the other day, and I felt it was way too sweet. The medium is also $6.77— more than the cost of a grande eggnog latte at Starbucks. I felt like I spent my whole coffee budget on that one drink. 

There isn’t a red cup season without Starbucks’ eggnog latte. If someone tried to remove Home Alone from the holiday movie line-up, I’d rage war. It’s simple: A Christmas without eggnog lattes is like a holiday season without Home Alone. Starbucks is breaking a sacred tradition by not including the eggnog latte on its menu. 

Here’s to hoping that Starbucks will come to their senses and bring the eggnog latte back. It’s odd that they aren’t answering questions about it online. Instead, they’re trying to promote their new sugar cookie oat latte. No thanks. Give the people what they want. I know what I want, and that’s an eggnog latte. It’s eggnog season.