Politicians Unfaithful to Their Partners Will Likely Be Unfaithful to The Public

Rather than celebrity scandals, voters should focus on politicians found guilty of cheating

(Kristen Frier)

It seems like infidelity, once a rare topic of discussion, now plagues our media. Whether it’s a famous politician, singer, or actor, being unfaithful to a partner has essentially been normalized these days.

You can tell that the times have changed by comparing scandals from the past and the present. It took the world a long time to get over what happened between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, while rumors of Donald Trump cheating on his wife failed to surprise many people. That’s not simply because the public tends to expect these kinds of things from Trump. They just tend to expect it from anyone in power now.

In smaller communities, however, claims of infidelity can be much more consequential, as in the case of musicians accused of cheating. Inside close-knit fan bases the voice of one upset person can easily make waves, but I believe that what happens in an artist’s private life should, for the most part, stay private.

The same should not apply to politicians. If someone holding or running for a political office is found to be unfaithful, it makes sense to link their disloyalty to their life partners with their proclaimed loyalty to their work. Furthermore, whether or not their cheating is made public can determine whether they win or lose an election. Sexual affairs in celebrity relationships don’t have the power to impact the public like that.

It’s also important to note that, when it comes to celebrity sex scandals, infidelity and sexual assault should be seen in two different lights. When a person commits sexual assault, action should be taken against them, whether they’re a common citizen or in a position of power. When someone steps outside of their monogamous relationship to have an affair with another consenting adult, it can cause a lot of emotional harm, but none of the parties involved are in danger and a crime has not been committed.

Politicians like Trump shouldn’t be sitting in office if they have been accused of cheating multiple times. If they can’t stay faithful to the partners they have built their lives with, how can they be trusted with the fate of their country?

We should recognize that infidelity only matters when it pertains to those who can change the way we live our lives. Politicians have the power to govern the economy, laws, and many other important aspects of society. Keeping them accountable for their actions shows that we won’t stand for our leaders sweeping their shortcomings under the rug, and that we expect them to stay faithful to the public that they serve.


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