Advocacy Group Gives KPU a Failing its Grade for Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy

A sexual violence advocacy and activism organization has given KPU a failing grade of 39 per cent on its Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy. After publishing their first report on Oct. 11, 2017, Students for Consent Culture created a scorecard called Appendix C for judging the effectiveness of these types of university policies. The document... Continue Reading

Taking Out Online Trolls in Video Games

There are some people online who will gleefully feed off of your misfortune. They may say hurtful things, relentlessly make you a punchline, or try to find personal details about you to spread to the world. Regardless of which curses and negative adjectives you use to describe these people, they’re generally referred to as online... Continue Reading

What We Do with Our Bodies After We Die Can Change Our Views of Mortality

It can be scary to think about planning your own funeral. For many of us, death is a soundless and gaping black hole that plagues our minds and bodies, only serving to remind us about the impermanence of our fleshy vessels. But instead of mourning the loss of life, some companies are finding new ways... Continue Reading

Why Millennials Are Adopting Plants Instead of Babies

Diamonds, golf, homeownership, and yogurt make-up only a fraction of the long list of businesses millenials are said to be destroying. There is, however, at least one industry that they seem to be giving life to: the budding market for houseplants. Young people are more interested in becoming plant parents than ever before. According to... Continue Reading

University of New Brunswick Prof. Conducts Study on Student Homelessness

As post-secondary education becomes increasingly important for Canadians entering the job market, a surprisingly high number of them are being forced to choose between earning a degree and having a place to call home. According to a 2016 report called Without a Home: The National Youth Homeless Survey conducted by the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness,... Continue Reading

Readers Respond: “What Makes You Feel Powerful?”

When you’re feeling down or unsure about what’s to come, everyone has something they do to empower themselves. Whether it’s doing yoga or getting dressed up, it’s important to take care of yourself and do whatever makes you feel ready to face the day. In the heart of the spring semester, a lot of students... Continue Reading

B.C. Should Prioritize Local Transit Over the Vancouver-Seattle Bullet Train

While B.C. recently announced that it’s going to invest another $300,000 towards exploring the feasibility of a Vancouver-Seattle train project with Washington state, Metro Vancouver’s own transit network has a slew of problems and lacks the funding to address them. Last year, TransLink increased fare prices in order to fund its 10-year vision, which includes... Continue Reading

Therapy Chat Bots are Paving the Way for New Psychological Assistance Technology

If you find that therapy is too expensive, inaccessible, or time-consuming, online therapy bots could be the solution. Online conversational agents work with the user to provide support and resources that fit their mental health needs. These recently developed tools, such as Woebot, Wysa, or Facebook’s Serenity employ cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) to help manage your... Continue Reading

“Surrey Theme Song” Plays With Fun, And Harmful, Stereotypes

As part of an ongoing series of videos humorously depicting the “Surrey Jack” stereotype, Melvin Medici (Melvin Voon) released a video titled “Surrey Theme Song”. While the videos can be funny, Voon’s work has begun to create awareness about the dark side of the Surrey Jack lifestyle. With over 76,000 views on YouTube, the video... Continue Reading

In the Internet Age, Information, Political Discourse, and Memes Can Become Interchangeable

Do you remember when children were eating Tide Pods or when the PS4 exclusive Spiderman video game was released? These events garnered a lot of attention a few months ago, but they’ve been nearly forgotten, like the Ugandan knuckles meme and the young boy who yodelled in a Wal-Mart and got to perform at summertime... Continue Reading

Rabbitats Provides Abandoned Bunnies with a New Home

Bunnies in the Fraser Valley who have been abandoned or surrendered by their owners can find a safe and loving home at one of Rabbitat’s micro-sanctuaries. Founded by Sorelle Saidman, the non-profit organization has provided a home for hundreds of rabbits, both domesticated and feral. Rabbit overpopulation has become a consistent problem in Richmond and... Continue Reading

Former Youth in Care Make Good Use of B.C.’s Tuition Waiver Program

Following the B.C. government’s decision to waive tuition fees for former youth in care at post-secondary institutions, ex-foster kids have been flocking towards colleges and universities across the province. According to The Province, there are currently 687 students in B.C. who are utilising the tuition waivers, compared to the 189 documented in 2017. Laura Vail,... Continue Reading

An On-Campus Mental Health Clinic Would Help KPU Students in Need

There are currently 90 walk-in mental health clinics in B.C. Anyone suffering from high levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health maladies can drop into these clinics without the hassle of having to make appointments or get a referral from a doctor. Recently, the University of British Columbia opened a mental health clinic... Continue Reading

University of Regina Begins Offering Fall Reading Break

Offered for the first time this November, students at the University of Regina enjoyed a week-long respite from classes as part of a fall reading break. According to U of R Registrar Jim D’Arcy, a holiday from Nov. 7 to Nov.  13 was added to the fall semester as part of a mental health initiative... Continue Reading

Politicians Unfaithful to Their Partners Will Likely Be Unfaithful to The Public

It seems like infidelity, once a rare topic of discussion, now plagues our media. Whether it’s a famous politician, singer, or actor, being unfaithful to a partner has essentially been normalized these days. You can tell that the times have changed by comparing scandals from the past and the present. It took the world a... Continue Reading