Active KSA Visits Bad Axe Throwing in Surrey

On June 7, at Bad Axe in Surrey, KPU community members took part in an evening of axe throwing. (Shannen Johnson-Barker)

Axes aren’t generally considered sports equipment, but that’s just what they were for KPU students when Active KSA visited Bad Axe Throwing on June 7.

Axe throwing is a sport in which competitors—just as the name implies—hurl axes through the air at a target while trying not to lose a limb. Bad Axe Throwing, located in Surrey, hosts both axe throwing leagues and practice sessions for beginners.

Though this was Active KSA’s third axe throwing night, no prior axe-wielding experience was needed to join in the fun.

Once entering the facility, a professional axe throwing guide helped the KPU students who had signed up for the event by teaching them how to safely throw an axe.

After learning the basics, the students divided into teams for a series of competitions to see how could hit a bullseye first. The staff also taught them how to do trick shots, such as throwing axes with two hands, throwing the axe at an angle, and upside-down axe throwing.

Nate Huggins, an Active KSA specialist who helped to coordinate the event, says it “gives students a chance to get out in their community, because this is close to the campus and it’s something that people don’t get to experience often.”

“Axe throwing sounds like it’s fun, and it is fun,” adds Afreen Singh Jolly, a KPU student who had never been to an axe throwing event before. She says she particularly enjoyed the one-handed throws, and proudly touts the fact that she was able to hit a bullseye.

Huggins hopes that many of the students who took part in the event will return for other Active KSA initiatives, and that they will bring their friends the next time the Active KSA team visits Bad Axe Throwing in September.