Beat Your Pandemic Burnout

How to stay motivated in school despite being stuck in your house

(Kristen Frier)

Although it’s certainly not what students were expecting, moving classes online is a necessary measure to protect public health during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of us are taking a full course load or at least a few extra classes during the summer, although sitting in your house staring at a computer screen is a much different experience than being in a hands-on learning environment.

Hitting a wall — or a pandemic burnout – has become very common, especially among students participating in online classes. It’s a wall you don’t want to hit, but if you’re spending lots of time on your computer, you most likely have already. Classes will remain online for the time being, so you might as well put your best foot forward and excel in isolation.

Begin your day by creating a schedule. Set aside an appropriate amount of time to complete homework. Plan something to look forward to after, like ordering takeout or watching a movie. This will help you move quickly and efficiently through your required days’ work.

A cell phone can be a major distraction from work, and since we no longer have professors to tell us to put them away, you’ll need to disconnect yourself. Try giving your phone to a parent or sibling while doing schoolwork in order to help your concentration. Ask for it back once you complete your work.

Attending class inside a house can feel foreign, so set up your own ideal study spot. If you prefer doing work in a café, make yourself a coffee and a pastry while you get stuff done.

Summer is coming, so utilize the beautiful weather and go outside to participate in your classes. Getting vitamin D from the sunshine can lift your mood, but be careful — too much sun can cause you to feel less motivated to do homework and more motivated to have a few drinks or lay out in the sun to tan. You could do these things while in class, but it’s definitely not the smartest decision.

Avoid laying on your bed during working hours. Your bed is meant for sleeping and other activities, but definitely not schoolwork. This can cause you to feel too comfy and therefore get lazy, resulting in a lack of motivation to complete your classes.

Take study breaks. This is necessary! Our brains are not wired to sit and stare at computer screens for an excessive period of time, so set aside time to walk, stretch, make a snack, or call a friend. Just make sure you go back to your schoolwork.

Living through a pandemic doesn’t mean your grades need to suffer, so utilize your spare time to get high marks during this semester.


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