A naturally gorgeous woman applying moisturizing cream in a mirror

Drop Skin Care Products and Focus on Your Diet

Your feelings of confidence can shatter when you look in a mirror and see a breakout that has emerged on your face. It has the power to immediately make you feel insecure. Consumer culture suggests through advertisement that you are in constant need of an unnecessary amount of skin care products — toner, cleanser, eye... Continue Reading

Choose Independent Theatres Over Cineplex

Canadian independent theatres are fighting to keep their doors open, hanging on by a thread due to the rise of Canada’s number one corporate cinema chain: Cineplex. The company owns a large portion of all Canadian theatres. Despite Cineplex being the popular choice for Canadian film watchers, the company allegedly has the power to shut... Continue Reading

Doing the Impossible: How I Completed a Six Month Caffeine Cleanse

As students, we tend to keep ourselves overly occupied by attempting to balance out the chaotic combination of school, work, and a half-descent social life. Caffeine is a tool that is commonly used to help maintain focus and determination while getting through the business of life. The body produces adrenaline and dopamine, two hormones that... Continue Reading

The Evolution of Horror Movies Reveals Truths About Human Nature

You burn more calories watching horror than you do watching any other genre. While watching a scary movie, human hearts pound, fingertips tingle, and pupils dilate — all natural responses to fear. Some long for this emotion. Others would rather avoid it. The reaction to horror movies has largely stayed the same over time, but... Continue Reading