A new year, a new me

Even though 2020 was not everyone’s ideal year, now is the perfect time to get your priorities in order to set yourself up for success in 2021. If you’re feeling lost on what goals to set yourself, check out these resolution ideas to see what might fit you best. The holidays can be a tricky... Continue Reading

Kanye 2024

In the recent 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, Kanye West received collectively 60,000 votes from Americans. If I were an American myself, he would have received 60,001. Oftentimes, people question why I stand beside Kanye West. He has faced his fair share of questionable moments, but when you really analyze the guy’s head, you begin to... Continue Reading

B.C.’s Public Schooling System Needs to Address the Realities of Racism

In order to succeed in a province as diverse as B.C., we must work together to eliminate racism  and ensure everyone’s lives are valued equally. Oftentimes, white people struggle to talk about racism, but you can’t fix the problem if you’re not willing to talk about it. We need to start introducing these conversations to... Continue Reading

Debate: B.C. Should Slow Down Reopening to Avoid a Second Wave

Read the other side of this debate here. B.C. is getting ahead of itself by giving some businesses, schools, and other service providers to reopen so early in the pandemic. Now that we are in phase two of B.C.’s plan, the province could face major consequences resulting from a second wave of COVID-19 cases. Just... Continue Reading

Beat Your Pandemic Burnout

Although it’s certainly not what students were expecting, moving classes online is a necessary measure to protect public health during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are taking a full course load or at least a few extra classes during the summer, although sitting in your house staring at a computer screen is a much... Continue Reading

What to Do Instead of Bingeing Netflix During the Pandemic

As we attempt to flatten the curve by self-isolating, we may also become anxious about the future of our country and economy. Being stuck in the house can also feel quite boring and repetitive, even further agitating our mental health, but it also can be a time for us to focus on ourselves and maintain... Continue Reading
A naturally gorgeous woman applying moisturizing cream in a mirror

Drop Skin Care Products and Focus on Your Diet

Your feelings of confidence can shatter when you look in a mirror and see a breakout that has emerged on your face. It has the power to immediately make you feel insecure. Consumer culture suggests through advertisement that you are in constant need of an unnecessary amount of skin care products — toner, cleanser, eye... Continue Reading

Choose Independent Theatres Over Cineplex

Canadian independent theatres are fighting to keep their doors open, hanging on by a thread due to the rise of Canada’s number one corporate cinema chain: Cineplex. The company owns a large portion of all Canadian theatres. Despite Cineplex being the popular choice for Canadian film watchers, the company allegedly has the power to shut... Continue Reading

Doing the Impossible: How I Completed a Six Month Caffeine Cleanse

As students, we tend to keep ourselves overly occupied by attempting to balance out the chaotic combination of school, work, and a half-descent social life. Caffeine is a tool that is commonly used to help maintain focus and determination while getting through the business of life. The body produces adrenaline and dopamine, two hormones that... Continue Reading

The Evolution of Horror Movies Reveals Truths About Human Nature

You burn more calories watching horror than you do watching any other genre. While watching a scary movie, human hearts pound, fingertips tingle, and pupils dilate — all natural responses to fear. Some long for this emotion. Others would rather avoid it. The reaction to horror movies has largely stayed the same over time, but... Continue Reading