Drop Skin Care Products and Focus on Your Diet

It’s possible to have radiant and glowing skin without using skin care products

A naturally gorgeous woman applying moisturizing cream in a mirror

A woman applying moisturizing cream in a mirror. (goodfreephotos)

Your feelings of confidence can shatter when you look in a mirror and see a breakout that has emerged on your face. It has the power to immediately make you feel insecure.

Consumer culture suggests through advertisement that you are in constant need of an unnecessary amount of skin care products — toner, cleanser, eye cream, day cream, night cream, face oils, face masks — the list goes on. Skin care companies are constantly promoting new products that you need in order to treat your skin properly and relieve yourself from all of the breakouts and blemishes on your face.

But you don’t actually need them.

I previously suffered from bad breakouts and consistent acne. It made me very insecure and stopped me from leaving the house on multiple occasions. I began to see specialists and doctors in search of help, and they advised me to try intense skin care products. I gave an enormous amount of my money to multiple skin care companies, trying all the latest and greatest formulas that I was told would clear my skin.

Nothing worked.

Through countless years and experiments, I have learned to remove dairy, refined sugar, and processed bread from my diet, which has done wonders for my skin. I still suffer from the occasional break out, which is unpreventable, although my skin on most days is glowing.

I now save a tremendous amount of money by omitting my monthly expenses on skin care products as well. I focus on eating healthy, whole foods while only washing my face once a day to allow the natural oils from my body to cleanse my skin.

Cultivating a proper diet of whole foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins can benefit your skin tremendously. Important nutrients can be provided from foods that are full of healthy fats — eggs, avocado, raw nuts, and olive oil, for example. Fatty fish, which is full of omega-3 fatty acids, will provide your skin with moisture and smooth texture. Curating your diet to ensure that you are eating foods rich in vitamin C, D, and E, zinc, and antioxidants while drinking plenty of water can help you if you have skincare issues.

Removing processed foods from your everyday eating habits will not only benefit your mood, body and gut, but also your skin. The cleaner you eat, the healthier you feel inside and out.

Fourteen-step skincare routines didn’t exist in the past, so why do we feel that it’s necessary to use them now? Skin care companies will persist in constantly promoting their new products, but even the most expensive skin care might leave you with breakouts and an empty wallet. The fewer products you use, the better.

Ultimately, for me, it all came down to my diet. And if you don’t change to a clean and whole-food diet, your skin could suffer from the consequences.