Prioritizing yourself in 2021

A new year’s resolution we should always keep

(Kristen Frier)

The year 2020 is over and we can officially say goodbye to the unbelievable year we have had!

We can close the book and put it back on the shelf. But, just like a book, we should pick up the lessons the year conveyed and learn from our experiences to improve ourselves for the better. Let us take the chance of new beginnings this 2021 and think of our resolutions this new year.

Due to the pandemic, all of us overcame numerous challenges that we did not expect to come into our lives. The isolation and constant stress of personal and global struggles were too heavy to bear, but I saw a silver lining about all of this. This was the only year in my entire life that I got the chance to slow down and stop everything I constantly do. My life before was all about work, school, and family responsibilities.

When I woke up, I was greeted with responsibilities I had before I could even see the sunlight. There were times that I dreaded going to work because I felt worn out of the personal stress I was enduring. I felt like I was slowly drifting away during the first months of 2020, and I didn’t want to see myself in that position ever again.

From that moment on, I made a resolution that I would love and care for myself as one of my top priorities.

Self-care should be a responsibility, not a reward.

Checking in on yourself especially, during tough situations or burn-outs, managing time well, and taking time off from social media can be some ways to help yourself be healthier and happier in life. It is time to finally prioritize our mental and emotional health this new year to become the better version of ourselves.

Let’s forgive 2020, but we should never forget its lessons.