Vancouver’s new Poetry Hotline

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association has launched the Poetry Phone project, making it available to the public for free. Charles Gauthier, CEO of the DVBIA, led the initiative with a team of 10 local poets and Renee Sarojini Saklikar as the curator. When you dial 1-833-POEMS-4-U (763-6748), you can select from 10 poems to... Continue Reading

Explainer: Vancouver plans to update and create new public washrooms

The Vancouver Park Board plans to build new washrooms and upgrade existing ones in parks, recreation centres, and other public places to address the public’s health and accessibility concerns. Demands regarding this matter have increased as the pandemic continues to affect businesses like fast-food restaurants or local shops, which originally allow people to use their... Continue Reading

Banning junk food from checkout counters could help reduce obesity and health problems

Supermarkets and grocery stores are one-stop shops for everything you need and more. In every aisle, you can find everything you are looking for like detergents, sauces, utensils, and food. You can choose among a wide variety of products for daily consumption. It is like a magical wonderland, but it can also be considered as... Continue Reading

Prioritizing yourself in 2021

The year 2020 is over and we can officially say goodbye to the unbelievable year we have had! We can close the book and put it back on the shelf. But, just like a book, we should pick up the lessons the year conveyed and learn from our experiences to improve ourselves for the better.... Continue Reading

Explainer: The harm smoking and vaping can have on B.C. youth

Cigarettes and e-cigarettes are two of the most consumed products in the world. Over the years, smoking has evolved from using pipes and roll-ups to electronically-powered cigarettes. Though cigarettes are more commonly used than e-cigarettes, it has still become a popular alternative. Health experts say that smoking presents dangerous risks to a person’s overall health.... Continue Reading

New provisions to medical assistance in dying legislation makes it more accessible for Canadians

The recent provisions made to the medically assisted death legislation can change the lives of Canadians for the better but still needs improvement. Medical assistance in dying legislation was passed and enacted on June 17, 2016. Since then, it has been carefully implemented. Jean Truchon and Nicole Gladu from Quebec are suffering from incurable degenerative... Continue Reading

Debate: Buying a home is a better choice than renting

Read the other half of this debate here. Adulthood is a complex journey, and somewhere along the way, you will encounter the crossroads of buying or renting a home. Some may say that you should opt for renting apartments because of its cost-friendly and manageable rates while others may share the benefits of buying a... Continue Reading
These lanterns are displayed in the Philippines around the holidays. (Flickr/ Stitch)

A glimpse of what Filipino Christmas is like

Everyone is abuzz with Christmas just around the corner. All our plates are getting full by the numerous preparations like buying presents, planning the food for Christmas Eve, and decorating the whole place with lights and stockings.  The corners of our home suddenly come to life when we light up our Christmas tree together, with... Continue Reading

Private movie nights still not worth the risk

Take a look back to the last time you saw a movie in the cinemas. You can hear the noise of people hanging out in the lobby. You see the line that seems to go on forever. You feel the excitement and anticipation of watching a new movie you’ve waited to see for months or... Continue Reading

B.C. freeze on rent increases extended until July 2021

There was a sigh of relief for renters in British Columbia as the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing decided to extend the rent freeze until July 10, 2021 as part of the Emergency Program Act and COVID-19 Related Measures Act. In a news release on Nov. 9, the ministry announced that instead of the... Continue Reading

Central Advising hosts course planning workshop for new KPU students

Every semester, there is a new surge of students arriving at KPU, many of whom are fresh from high school. Navigating through the changes may be confusing, which is why KPU Central hosted a two-session Course Planning Workshop to help new students navigate the upcoming Spring 2021 semester. The workshop sessions were held via Microsoft... Continue Reading

Explainer: Vancouver opts out of implementing mandatory mask policy

Vancouver City Councillors opted for using the phrase “strongly encouraged” instead of “mandatory”  when it comes to face mask policies in indoor facilities during a council meeting held on Oct. 20. With B.C.’s anticipation for the second wave of COVID-19, it was proposed that face masks should be worn inside indoor premises of civic facilities... Continue Reading

KPU hosts virtual THRIVE Month event series

After university life moved online, students have gotten used to opening up their laptops to log into lectures, attend events, and sweat through midterms. The fun of summer is over, but there is still a chance to enjoy the month of October with this year’s THRIVE Month hosted by KPU. The normally week-long THRIVE event... Continue Reading

Mental health apps available for students this fall

It’s back to school season again, but this year is different than they used to be. KPU has decided to switch to online classes and limited in-person laboratory components for the fall semester. This means staying at home, studying with gadgets open all day, and constantly updating yourself with deadlines and lectures. Students are in... Continue Reading

Party Now, Regret Later

Life has not been easy for the past five months due to the “new normal” created by the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, our 2020 was nothing but filled with cancelled summer plans, school and work from home, and binge-watching all day. Even though most shops and restaurants are now open, everything has changed with new... Continue Reading