Why B.C. should consider imposing a stay-at-home order

This week British Columbia recorded over 3,289 COVID-19 cases, this is an increase of 1,500 over three days. “The number of people in hospital with the disease rose by 36 to 368. Of those, 121 are in intensive care, an increase of 19,” said provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. Even though these numbers are... Continue Reading

Long standing dress codes need to change

A grade 12 student was sent back home from Norkam Senior Secondary School in Kamloops for breaking the district’s dress code of conduct, creating a contentious debate on B.C. dress code ethics. Karis Wilson was wearing a black knee-length dress layered over a white turtleneck when she was told that her outfit was distracting to... Continue Reading

KPU needs reading break in the fall

Conversations around mental health have become louder in the pandemic, which is why KPU needs a fall reading break. It might not be coincident that reading week falls in the same week as family day. Reading week is not limited to having a week off from school, and can be spent picking up on abandoned... Continue Reading

Using facial recognition tech is necessary for public safety

Back in 2017, coming to terms with using facial recognition for something as simple as an iPhone lock was a bit difficult to digest. Since it provided fool-proof security, however, I scanned my face from all angles to create a secured lock on my phone. Within a year, everyone was storing the geometry of their... Continue Reading