Employers should provide better equipment for desk jobs

Whether its an ergonomic mouse, chair, or standing desk, employees need to be comfortable

Employers should provide an ergonomic chair or standing desk for office jobs. (Shutterstock/Potashev Aleksandr)

Employers should provide an ergonomic chair or standing desk for office jobs. (Shutterstock/Potashev Aleksandr)

Taking a long stretch after work or practicing some desk workouts are becoming an everyday routine. The last couple years have been a game changer in the corporate world. While work remains on-site for some and hybrid for others, remaining in the same position for a long period of time can be hard on our bodies. 

I was introduced to the jelly comb mouse, which differs from the contemporary mouse because it clicks on the right end instead of on top under our pointer finger, providing a better shape for wrist support. My wrist is much more comfortable now when using a computer. 

And I think we should go a step further to ensure employee comfort and long term health: employers should provide better chairs and desks. 

Some jobs require you to stay seated for a long time, which often results in a backache and can result in poor posture. An ergonomic chair offers much more support than the average cheap office chair. An ergonomic chair makes sure your weight is balanced right from your feet to hips, all the way to your shoulders and neck.  

Back pain and neck pain are one of the most common work injuries of a desk job. Employees sitting for long hours in one position put their posture, back, and neck at risk, which will affect their work experience and lifestyle. 

If a gaming chair is above budget, companies can consider investing in a standing desk. A standing desk can help people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or obesity. A standing desk helps burn more calories than a sitting desk would. According to an article by Harvard Medical School, sitting burns only 80 calories per hour, whereas a standing desk would burn about 88 calories per hour.

An employee’s comfort will also boost their productivity. Getting an ergonomic chair is an inclusive initiative to support all users and accommodate multiple body types. A multi-use chair that naturally accommodates all employees to ensure everyone enjoys the comfort of working at a desk while staying on top of their tasks. With less physical strain, employees will have more energy.

Considering all the potential benefits and up-side of a gaming or/and a standing desk will help in building a long sustainable relation with employees, bringing an all-inclusive community together in building a team force.