KPU Sports and Recreation encourages staff and students to get active through Virtual Vancouver Sun Run

Participants can walk or run this year as part of the KPU team

(Unsplash/ Jenny Hill)

The Vancouver Sun Run will be held from April 18 to 30, where participants can run their 10 kilometres from wherever they like during the 12-day window.

Even though the event will be different from the traditional Sun Run, runners and walkers are still encouraged to get out there and set a fitness goal to work towards.

During the event, the Vancouver Sun Run’s website asks that participants share their race results and photos to celebrate their achievement, regardless of “whether you ran a personal best or power-walked your way to the finish line.”

KPU Sports and Recreation is encouraging students and staff to register for the Vancouver Sun Run and join the KPU team.

“A lot of people find that exercise is really great in de-stressing, and if there’s anything that any of us needs these days, it’s a little less stress,” says Shalini Vanan, manager of sports and recreation and health promotion at KPU.

Not only does training for and participating in this race offer a chance to get outside, but it also gives an opportunity to work on your physical and mental health during a particularly trying time, says Vanan.

Regardless of what fitness level you’re starting from, Vanan says that the Sun Run is more about building community and working on the individual goal you make for yourself.

Members of the KPU team also have the option to either train as part of a safe, socially-distanced group that they can arrange, or as individuals.

While being part of the KPU team does not entail training on a specific route or under a specific plan, KPU Sports & Recreation will be offering optional training plans to support the team and provide guidance for those who want it.

For now, the first four-week training plan is available for beginner and intermediate runners and walkers and for advanced athletes. The second four-week plan will become available at a later date.

Even though it may not feel as competitive as running the race on the road among a sea of other people, Vanan hopes that students will still see this as an opportunity to move and have fun in a different way than the usual fitness classes they offer.

To become part of the KPU team, click “Join an Existing Team” when registering for the Sun Run, search for “KPU” and then enter the passphrase “KPU2021”.

KPU Sports and Recreation will also be holding a workshop on Feb. 18 to go over the basics of running from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, where they will host a Q&A, go over pre-and post-run nutrition, and injury prevention.

To join the Sun Run workshop through Microsoft Teams, click the link that will soon be posted on the Virtual Classes Webpage.