KSA election candidates release campaign statements

Voting will take place Feb. 25 and 26

(Kwantlen Student Association)

As part of the Kwantlen Student Association General Election campaign process, candidates were invited to send statements for publication. The following statements were submitted by KSA election candidates, and are presented as is.


Campus Representatives

Civic Plaza Campus Representative

Nipun Mehta

Hello! My name is Nipun Mehta I am running elections for civic plaza representative. It is with great pleasure, passion, and privilege that I submit my application to run for Civic plaza representative .I hope to improve the quality of life on and off campus. I want to work with the school administration in order to give more internship and work opportunities for international students. Furthermore, I will be here to make sure that students enjoy all  of their time at KPU .I look forward to representing all of the students to the best of my abilities if I were to be elected as the Civic plaza representative for our campus.


Surrey Campus Representative

Gurjodh (Pannu) Singh 

Hello Everyone, My name is Gurjodh Singh (Pannu). I’m running as a candidate for the Surrey Campus Representative. I hope to improve the quality of life on and off-campus. I will put in front all the issues which are faced by students on the Surrey campus and will bring a positive change to my campus. I am an active student and always geared up to assist you in all your issues whether it is on-campus or off-campus. #Vote for Gurjodh Singh (Pannu). At last please pray for farmers protesting in India for their rights. #NO FARMER NO FOOD

Gurman Sandhu – No submission


Constituency Representatives

International Students Representative

Aman Khurana

Hi, I am Aman Khurana and i am elected as the international students representatitve. Got elected, will firstly go for the issues of every student, which they face regarding studies or any other field. I’ll also ask for the changes which would be in favour for the welfare of the students and university as well. Anyone can contact me anytime for anything they face difficulty in or are in need of something. Hope you will elect the right person. Thank you. Got a vote? Vote for the best, Vote for the right.

Gurpreet Singh

As an international student representative I will try my best to bring the points up for the students who are from different nationalities. I will try my best to help them out in this foreign country and present their point in the board so that I can bring some welfare to them. I hope to seek your support and let’s come together to make a change.


Mature Students Representative

Akshat Garg

Hlo everyone, my name is Akshat garg studying in 2 year at KPU i would like you to vote for me if you all have any issues on or off campus i will be there for you . I never say no to you but always find the solution with you. My goal will be listen to you carefully and communicate with you regularly.

Lesli Sangha

Be Heard. Be Involved. Be the Change. As your Mature Students Representative, YOU can hold me accountable. I will be PRESENT, ENGAGED and I will ADVOCATE for you. As co-chair of the KSA Social Justice Committee, I passionately focus on your equity concerns. I organized the KSA Cup of Social Justice event and I lobbied politicians to advocate for increased student funding and improved student resources. As a mature student with invisible disabilities and as a mother, I can relate to the barriers of pursuing university education after the age of 25. Let me be the trusted voice YOU deserve.

Vijender (V.J) Pal Singh

Hi, I am Vijender Pal Singh, an active member of KSA. I am running for the Mature student representative. I will do my best to make firm advancements in this department. I would like to make the students more aware of KSA benefits and partnerships so that students can take benefit of it. Moreover, as many students are facing problems with high transit fares due to the pause of U Pass. I will put this matter in the council to help students get what they want. Finally, I want to say that vote for me is a vote for you.


Students of Colour Representative


My name is Nikhil I truly look up myself as a perfect candidate for the position of colours representative in the upcoming KSA elections I believe with all my skills abilities I will be able to fulfill the responsibilities a person holds at this position I would be grateful to execute the actual goal of this position that is ensuring equality and bringing unity and harmony among students of different races studying at KPU I ensure that with my leadership quality with proper coordination planning and execution I will not let anyone down and will make KPU more harmonious

Aakarshan Singh

Hello, My name is Aakarshan Singh. I’m a Business major and I’m standing in the student council election this year. I am here to advocate for all the international and domestic students who are struggling with studies in this pandemic. I want to make sure they are all heard and kept in mind while making major decisions on classes should be conducted. I would also raise awareness regarding their opinions on online classes and further, on campus schooling. I believe students should be involved in major decisions regarding their education or how it should be conducted.


Students with Disabilities Representative

Jaya Dhillon

My name is Jaya Dhillon, I am a fourth year Anthropology major and currently running for Students with Disabilities Representative. I plant to tackle pressing situations during the pandemic era. The pandemic has brought many challenges for disability individuals that need to be addressed. Furthermore, because majority of the classes are now online, accessibility and resources are not always available for disability students. I also plan to address the situation with Accessibility department. I am aware that there is a strained relationship between the students and the department, and I hope to bridge the gap. Thank you.

Alexandra Taylor

I would like to work with KPU on ways we can further help students who may be struggling to gain access to vital services during Covid-19. As a student with a learning disability, I have first-hand experience with KPUs Accessibility Services Department and Counselling Department. I look forward to working with all students with disabilities to ensure they have access to the services they need to thrive during their time in post-secondary.


Women’s Representative

Ramandeep Kaur Mallhi 

Hi, my name is Ramandeep Kaur Mallhi and as the nominee of women’s representative, I would like to hear your problems and try my best to solve them. Not only the problems, I would also like to hear the suggestions which you all can come up with for the betterment of us all. If you could give me your precious vote, then I would be very happy to help you and learn from you all as well.

Navkiran Grewal – No statement


Faculty Representatives

Arts Representative

Arpit Sachdeva

Hi Myself Arpit Sachdeva  I am running for Arts Representative  I am highly enthusiastic  to provide the students of KPU a transparent and honest voice  and also stand up for their rights  I promise  to   deliver a positive plan to improve your campus experience  at KPU with your  precious vote

Prabhjot Maan – No statement


Business Representative

Parkirat Kaur

Hi, my name is Parkirat Kaur and I am running for Business Representative position. I will put up my potential efforts to access and provide all the facilities. I will make an honest effort to connect with all students listen to their issues and provide quick solutions. In addition to this I will try to deal with a high waitlist for the courses. So Give me your precious vote and I will be your voice “Be Bright and Vote for What is Right”.

Jasleen Kaur

Hi I Jasleen Kaur standing for Business Representative and it has been more than a year that I am studying at KPU My aim is to help the students and be their voice Due to Covid 19 almost all our study is online and there are many new students in Kpu who do not know much about their courses I will put all my efforts into helping them in anything they have difficulty in So please give me a chance to serve you and I promise I will work with full determination

Jasskirat Singh

Hi, this is Jaskirat singh here. Its been my second year here in KPU and could say there’s a lot explored and there’s a lot left to be explored. Being a student myself I could surely look up to the interests for the welfare of the students . I wanted to be remembered as the one who was always up for helping others. I want that every voice should be heard, every interest should be looked up to and every admissible request should be processed with full integrity. I want to be a voice for you.

Gunit Pal Singh (GPS)

I am here to become the voice of the voiceless to be ears for the unheard and to be catalyst for the pending Talk to me so that I can understand your POV Walk with me so that I can walk for you because I follow the rule that is together we grow I seek your support in order to support you at required times

Rohan Garg (Little)

Hi, My name is Rohan Garg (Little) and I am standing for the position of business representative. My goal is to resolve each and every issue that a student face from business faculty.I will spread the awareness about the benefits and services that KSA provides and try to make it reachable by every student.

Sharanjeet Singh

Hi My name is Sharanjeet Singh and i am running for Business Representative  I am currently in my 4th semester at KPU I came across many new students who lack  knowledge about the online study system and the other necessary information about KPU as well I have also helped them with the struggles they have faced If i get an opportunity i will like to help many other students facing similar problems I will bring all the hardships the students face in the consideration of KSA and i promise to work with full dedication


Science and Horticulture Representative

Shubham – No statement

Sakshi Ahuja – No statement


The following candidates have not submitted any statements: Gurman Sandhu, Prabhjot Maan, Navkiran Grewal, Shubham, Sakshi Ahuja.


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