Alligators rule and crocodiles are evil

Gators are the best animal around and if you disagree you are wrong

(Ari Lee)

Alligators are the best animals on this planet and are arguably better than crocodiles. For starters, “A” comes before “C” in the English alphabet. This two-letter gap may seem like nothing, but this minor advantage helps assert the alligator’s dominance over the crocodiles.

Although alligators and crocodiles are both dangerous, crocodiles are known to attack humans unprovoked. Additionally, it is easy to distinguish the habitat for an alligator when compared to their crocodile counterpart because alligators only inhabit freshwaters such as lakes, swamps, and marshes. Most people assume crocodiles live in similar environments, but they are mistaken.

Some crocodiles live in saltwater. To make this easier for you, an animal that is known to attack humans can be found in both freshwater and saltwater. To make things worse, crocodiles can grow 14 to 17 feet and weigh up to 2,200 pounds! You are not safe from these wild beasts.

Alligators, on the other hand, are 10 to 15 feet long and average about 500 pounds. Although a 500-pound animal may not be the cutest, it sure sounds a lot better than a 2,200-pound animal that has no mercy, *cough cough* crocs.

Speaking of crocs… those ugly shoes with the holes. Those are crocs too. I wonder if it takes after the crocodile because I can see some resemblance. Anyways, back to my main point.

Did you know there is a famous emotional support alligator called Wally? Wally is an American alligator that is federally registered by his owner, Joie Henney. Apparently, Wally likes giving hugs, kisses, and even enjoys watching television. His docile temperament allows Henney to bring him to public areas like the mall, and Wally can be trusted to interact with children. Wally is a celebrity in his town and is known worldwide thanks to social media.

Now, how do we distinguish an alligator from an evil crocodile? The easiest way is by looking at their snout.

An alligator has more of a “U” shaped snout, while the crocodile has more of a “V” shaped snout. Looking at the jawline can also be a massive hint because crocodiles have exposed teeth, while the alligators have a concealed aesthetic if you see either of them on land running towards you. Good luck because both alligators and crocodiles can run 11 miles per hour on land.

If you still think crocodiles are better than alligators after reading this article, you should evaluate your reasoning as to why and admit you are wrong. Alligators are the best animals on this planet, and evidently, better than crocodiles.