Ways to party this spring without breaking Covid restrictions

With strict COVID-19 restrictions, most university students are unable to fulfill their dreams of throwing and/or attending wild parties. Coming up with a solution for everyone, including the extroverts, introverts, and everything in-between-troverts has been a challenging journey. With extensive brainstorming and research on the COVID-19 guidelines in British Columbia, I present to you: a... Continue Reading

This Canadian Man Eats Pigeons for the Planet

Curtis Fagan is a resident of Calgary, Alberta who started trapping and consuming pigeons to reduce his carbon footprint. Because Canada is one of the biggest greenhouse gas contributors in the world, he decided to change his lifestyle by weaning off beef. In a year, a single dairy cow produces the same amount of greenhouse... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Journalism Faculty Member Tracy Sherlock

Note: Meet KPU is a new and ongoing special feature series designed to familiarize readers with active and inspiring members of the on-campus community. If there is someone you would like to recommend for a Meet KPU feature, email our editor in chief at editor@runnermag.ca.  Meet Tracy Sherlock, an instructor in KPU’s journalism and communications... Continue Reading

KPU Community Members Discuss Their Views on the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Trudeau’s Liberal government bought the Trans Mountain Pipeline for $4.5 billion in 2018 and has been supportive of the project despite the opposition of many concerned groups, including Indigenous land and water protectors. One argument in favour of the pipeline expansion is that it creates thousands of job opportunities for Canadians, while one argument against... Continue Reading