Lower Mainland Ridings

(Elections Canada)

(Elections Canada)

Burnaby South 

NDP candidate and party leader Jagmeet Singh is the incumbent MP for this riding. 

Liberal: Brea Sami

Sami is a certified professional accountant and the mother of three children. She supports investment in healthcare, creating jobs and growing the middle class, and the Liberals National Housing Strategy and the First-Time Home Buyer incentive. 

Conservative: Likky Lavji

Lavji, a Ugandan refugee to Canada, is the founder and president of the Dante Group in Vancouver and has been a business owner for over 30 years. This is his first time running federally, and wants to secure jobs, accountability, mental health, balance Canada’s budget over the next decade, and “combat the affordable housing crisis.” 

NDP: Jagmeet Singh

Singh is the federal NDP leader, and is running for re-election. He wants “the ultra-rich” to pay for the pandemic recovery, and he wants to deliver affordable pharmacare, dental care, housing, cell phone bills, and affordable post-secondary education. He also promises to fight for clean water for all First Nations communities, as well as “real climate action.”

Green: Maureen Curran 

Curran is a coordinator with Protect the Planet, Stop TMX, and describes herself as a peaceful land defender, having spent days and nights in a suspended tent opposing the Trans Mountain pipeline project. She is also on the AccessBC Committee, a group of people from B.C. who “want to remove barriers to accessing prescription contraception.”


CoquitlamPort Coquitlam 

Liberal candidate Ron McKinnon is the incumbent MP for this riding.

Liberal: Ron McKinnon 

McKinnon is running for a third term, first elected in 2015 and re-elected in the 2019 federal elections. He introduced a private members bill, the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act, which became law in 2017. McKinnon serves as the chair of the Standing Committee on Health, and believes in supporting national pharmacare, the Cannabis Act, and antimicrobial resistance.

Conservative: Katerina Anastasiadis 

Anastasiadis is the executive director of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, and comes from a Greek immigrant family of entrepreneurs and small business owners. She helped secure multi-million project funding for major partnerships, including the re-establishment of the Vancouver International Maritime Centre and the funding of the Vancouver World Trade Centre. 

NDP: Laura Dupont

Dupont serves on Metro Vancouver’s Climate Action Committee, is president of the Lower Mainland Local Government Association and her NDP website says she is a member of the “BC NDP Standing Committee on The Environment.” She believes that climate justice “includes a fair transition for workers as our country shifts towards a more hopeful future and green energy alternatives.”



Liberal candidate Carla Qualtrough is the incumbent MP for this riding. 

Liberal: Carla Qualtrough 

A former paralympian, Qualtrough was re-elected in the 2019 federal election. She previously served as Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities and as Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility. She is responsible for working on the CERB, CESB, Employment Insurance, and the Disability payment measures. She is currently working on a Disability Inclusion Action Plan. 

Conservative: Garry Shearer 

Shearer was the executive director of the Delta Chamber of Commerce since 2018 before he stepped down earlier this summer to pursue candidacy. Shearer is a past president of the Rotary Club of Tsawwassen and of the Delta Hospice Society. He said his campaign will focus on a recovery plan to “secure jobs and get our economy back on track.” 

NDP: Monika Dean 

Dean worked in the City of Surrey’s Parks Department, and is an active member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 402. Her bio says she has a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, and is passionate about climate action and supporting equity-seeking groups, including people of colour, the 2LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities.  

Green: Jeremy Smith 

Smith has worked in the waste recovery business on a team to bring oil container and antifreeze recycling to B.C. In an interview with Delta Optimist, he said he wants to see more transparency in big projects such as Tilbury LNG facility in Delta, and more environmental protection for the Fraser River. He also said he wants to know why “…every time a new party gets in they completely change policies regarding environmental practices and how they reinforce environmental policies.” 


New WestminsterBurnaby 

NDP candidate Peter Julian is the incumbent MP for this riding. 

Liberal: Rozina Jaffer 

Jaffer started her career in public service as a social worker before working as a legal aid lawyer, with a focus on advocating for marginalized groups in the community. In an interview with New Westminster Record, Jaffer said her vision is “for Canada to be an inclusive society where no one is left behind.” 

Conservative: Paige Munro 

Munro became the youngest Canadian to make the shortlist for the Mars One project, and the youngest Canadian woman to summit the Matterhorn. She currently volunteers with Fraserside Community Services Society, among other organizations. Munro declined to attend an online all-candidates meeting for the New WestminsterBurnaby riding about the climate emergency held on Sept. 7. 

NDP: Peter Julian  

Julian is running for his seventh straight term and hasn’t lost an election in almost 19 years. He played a large role in building the British Columbia Disability Employment Network, and recently tabled Bill C-213 to establish universal public pharmacare. He has been endorsed by 350 Canada, a group calling on federal leaders to defund the Trans Mountain pipeline.  

Green: David Macdonald 

Macdonald is a founding member of the Burnaby Green Party, founding president of the BurnabyLougheed Riding Association of the BC Green Party, and founding CEO of the New WestminsterBurnaby EDA for the Green Party of Canada. The party’s website says he is a self-described single-issue candidate focusing on the climate crisis. “We must focus on renewable energy such as wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal.” 


Pitt MeadowsMaple Ridge 

Conservative candidate Marc Dalton is the incumbent MP for this riding. 

Liberal: Ahmed Yousef

Yousef is in his third year on the Maple Ridge city council. He is an active member of the Canadian Blood Services and Scouts Canada, among other programs, and is a member of the Alouette River Management Society. He said the environment is a key issue, including safeguarding the Alouette River and restoring salmon runs. 

Conservative: Marc Dalton 

Dalton was elected in the 2019 election, and is a member of the Métis Nation B.C. and locally of the Golden Ears Métis Society. He has served in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves and is a member of the local Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 88. He recently put forward Motion-88, proposing a federal framework to address the overdose crisis, which “seeks to provide supports for treatment and recovery.” 

NDP: Phil Klapwyk 

Klapwyk, is a union leader representing over 15,000 professionals in the B.C. film industry, and shot his first film in the Golden Ears Provincial Park. If elected, he wants to “ensure the corporations and billionaires that profited from this pandemic are the ones who pay for a fair recovery.”  


South SurreyWhite Rock 

Conservative candidate Kerry-Lynne Findlay is the incumbent MP for this riding. 

Liberal: Gordie Hogg

Hogg is the mayor of White Rock, and was the provincial MLA for two decades and the Minister of Children and Families. As a Member of Parliament elected in 2017, he helped secure funding to give fresh water to the Semiahmoo First Nations, lifting their 16-year long water advisory. 

Conservative: Kerry-Lynne Findlay 

Findlay has served as the Shadow Minister for the Environment and Climate Change for the Official Opposition, and was recently named the party’s representative on CANZUK relations. She was critical of Trudeau’s early election call, but said she now sees it “as an opportunity to sell Canadians on a Conservative plan for post-pandemic economic recovery.” 

NDP: June Liu 

Liu was born in Taiwan and moved to B.C. when she was six months old. She has worked as a youth worker and now works for the NDP as a field organizer. She wants to support small businesses and “secure jobs that pay a livable wage.” Liu also wants to help create a universal Medicare system that covers prescription medication, dental care, and mental health services. 


StevestonRichmond East 

Conservative candidate Kenny Chiu is the incumbent MP for this riding. 

Liberal: Parm Bains 

Bains has worked within the B.C. government as a public and media relations officer, and as a university professor. He is currently the vice-chair of the Richmond Community Foundation and volunteers at Richmond’s Sports Community in coach and mentorship roles. He is also an instructor at KPU in the School of Business. 

Conservative: Kenny Chiu 

Chiu immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in 1989, and is the vice-chair of the House of Commons Subcommittee on International Human Rights and is the Shadow Minister of Diversity, Inclusion, and Youth. He is particularly focused on global democracy and confronting foreign interference and espionage in Canada, and condemning the Uyghur, Yazidi, and Rohingya genocides, and “building a more inclusive Canada that benefits all.” 

NDP: Jack Trovato 

Trovato led the petition campaign for the restriction of house sizes on farmland, the petition to approve the Acute Care Tower at Richmond Hospital, and the petition calling on the B.C. government to initiate an independent public inquiry into money laundering, drug trafficking, and profiteering in the real estate market. If elected, he will work with Jagmeet Singh “to invest in healthcare, small business, and green infrastructure.” 

Green: Françoise Raunet 

Raunet joined the Green Party in 2009, and is an advocate for healthy ecosystems, peace, and electoral and economic reform. She “believes that the federal government has an important responsibility to protect critical ecosystems and local jobs” as the “gatekeeper of globalization.” If elected, she will prioritize public housing, ecosystem protection and rehabilitation, community-based economic networks, public transportation, electoral reform, and local food supplies.


Vancouver Granville 

Independent Jody Wilson-Raybould was the incumbent MP for this riding after departing from the Liberal Party in 2019. She will not be running in this election. 

Liberal: Taleeb Noormohamed 

Noormohamed joined the Organizing Committee for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, serving as the vice president of strategy and partnerships. After, he worked as a vice president at HomeAway and then as chief growth officer at Farfetch. His bio says is currently the chief executive officer at “an online marketplace for apparel and home goods.” Noormohamed has recently received criticism for buying or selling 30 B.C. residential properties within a decade, potentially participating in practices believed to contribute to the housing affordability crisis. 

Conservative: Kailin Che 

Che practices law at Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae Canada, with a focus on injustices to housing, education, and public health. She previously worked for the federal Minister of Industry, Minister of Heritage, and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. She wants to “make government spending more accountable, housing more affordable, and our livelihood more adaptable to a green economy.” 

NDP: Anjali Appadurai 

Appadurai is a musician, an advocate for environmental, social, and economic justice, and has advocated at United Nations climate conferences. According to her bio, Appadurai wants to “expose the way climate change intensifies economic inequality” and will “fight for meaningful action on affordable housing, universal pharmacare, student debt, Indigenous rights, clean water, and getting profit out of long-term care.” 

Green: Imtiaz Popat 

Popat currently works in public health with the South Asian Health Institute as a therapeutic counsellor. His bio says he is a co-founder of The Coalition Against Bigotry-Pacific and the community based Anti Hate Task Force. He has advocated for police reform, protested against the LNG pipeline, and criticized the Site C Dam project. Popat also advocates for public transit including fuel cell trams and streetcars. 


Vancouver South 

Liberal candidate Harjit Sajjan is the incumbent MP for this riding.

Liberal: Harjit Sajjan 

Sajjan is a former detective of the Vancouver Police Department with the gang crime unit, and a former member of the British Columbia Regiment where he participated in three deployments to Afghanistan and one to Bosnia. He is the current Minister of National Defence. He was first elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2019. 

Conservative: Sukhbir Singh Gill 

Gill is a realtor, and also a businessman in the community. He also volunteers with youth sports, and seniors in the community. He moved to Vancouver South in 1993 with his family, and studied political science in university. His priorities include improving housing, mental health, health and senior care and the cost of living.

NDP: Sean McQuillan 

McQuillan is a Cree Métis labour activist, whose campaign focuses on “helping to create a people-first society.” He is a member of the B.C. Federation of Labour’s Indigenous caucus. He believes in the co-op housing system and ensuring affordable housing. If elected, he “will work with experts who have studied the numbers and listen to people who have lived experiences … to get insight into how [the] government can make a real difference.”