Intro to Bhangra Dance class returning to KPU

Bhangra will be offered both at Surrey and Langley campuses

Past Bhangra class at KPU. (Submitted)

Past Bhangra class at KPU. (Submitted)

Bhangra is a folk dance of Punjab, performed by the farmers during the harvesting season or Vaisakhi. Kwantlen Polytechnic University is offering an in-person course for students at the Langley and Surrey campuses, which will be instructed by Gurpreet Sian. 

Sian started his teaching career at KPU in 2016. He is also the co-founder of the South Asian Arts Society. 

During Sian’s student life at Simon Fraser University, he performed Bhangra and participated in various competitions. This inspired Sian and his colleagues to continue Bhangra, leading to the foundation of the South Asian Arts Society, which offers different classes and programs. 

“It started as a hobby or passion or extracurricular activity, doing Bhangra, and then it developed into a career [as an] artist and a bhangra teacher,” Sian says. 

“Bhangra or any type of art form is a great way to expand your mind and learn other things about yourself,” he says.  

Bhangra helps students learn qualities like teamwork, public speaking, communication, and time management. It also helps students build their confidence while staying physically and mentally fit. 

In-person teaching of Bhangra is very cheerful and energetic Sian says it has an “infectious energy.” Students feel more confident when they see their classmates performing. But some students find online classes more comforting as they can watch the recorded lesson numerous times and practice when they find it most convenient, although the socialization and team efforts are missing. 

This was challenging for Sian. But as a Bhangra instructor, it makes him happy when he sees his students succeed in anything, big or small, and he feels like passing on his knowledge to others and spreading awareness of the practice is important.

“I just love teaching and seeing students being able to accomplish something. And the excitement when they are able to perform certain dance steps. Even just the group work, making new friends and colleagues and working on the creative expression that they have come up with together and presented to the class. The feeling that the students get, that makes me feel good, to see them feel happy.” Sian says.