The best time to take Christmas decorations down

We probably shouldn’t leave them up all year

The best time to take down holiday decorations is approaching. (Flickr/ Marco Verch Professional Photographer)

The best time to take down holiday decorations is approaching. (Flickr/ Marco Verch Professional Photographer)

If you are someone who celebrates Christmas, two major questions usually arise during the festive season: when is the right time to put the decorations up, and when is the right time to take them down?

I love the festivity leading up to Christmas. In countries like the Philippines, Christmas decorating begins as early as September. While I find that even November is a bit early for digging out your lights and the fake Christmas tree, there should be no limits once December hits. All in all, the start of December should be a perfect time for unleashing the holiday spirit. 

The point of Christmas decorations is to get people in the holiday spirit, using bright lights and cozy settings to reflect the mood that the season can bring. 

Setting a time to put up the Christmas tree can differ between those who buy a real tree and those who have a fake one. A couple of weeks into the holiday month would be ideal for those with a real tree who enjoy the smell of pine floating through their house. However, those who have fake trees don’t need to worry about this and can find themselves pulling out the ornaments and boxes on the first of December. 

Epiphany, also known as Three Kings Day and the Twelfth Day, marks 12 days from Dec. 25 as the traditional end of Christmas celebrations. This could also be a good time to take down the tree. 

In Britain, Christmas decorations often stay up until Twelfth Night. Some other countries that follow this tradition are Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. 

On the opposite end, some believe that Boxing Day is the best time to take the tree down, while others wait until New Year’s before taking down their decorations. Or some people leave it up as long as possible, perhaps trying their best to see if they can make it all the way to next year.

For me, the best time to put up your Christmas tree is the first week of December and the best time to take it down is any time before Jan. 6. It lasts the whole holiday season, but it’s not up all winter long. Anything later is pushing it, and anytime sooner is truly taking away the magic of the season. 

Not only is the holiday over, but it gives you the perfect time to keep the luck for the new year, and it’s before spring cleaning for school, work, and any other commitments return.  

Dec. 1 is the start of the magical season, and the beginning of January should be the perfect time for the end of it.