Being unsure of what you want to do in university is okay

Don’t fret about the uncertainty

Art by Thomas Buecking.

Art by Thomas Buecking.

The idea of going on the post-secondary journey is both an exciting and daunting one. Whether you are a student transitioning right out of high school or someone who has decided to come back after a year or more, each person who goes to university or college usually faces the expectations of knowing exactly what career they want to pursue. 

For many, knowing what career direction to take is more than just thinking about your interests. Sure, that has some sway in what path you tend to go down, but a lot of the stress that comes with thinking about what career path to take comes from the judgement and perceptions of those around you. 

Not only can this put a limit on one’s own studies, but it can provide unnecessary stress for what the future may look like for them. Being a lawyer or doctor is still being categorized as the best options for success and are the most deserving of respect. 

This idea of success is what fogs the minds of many students. Whether that be pleasing a family member’s idea of the perfect career or your own, it can feel as if no choice is the right one. This can lead to people changing their major or can hurt their motivation to go to school at all. 

While this is seen as a conflict many should avoid, it should actually be one that we embrace instead. 

Here are some ways to embrace this turbulent and confusing time and use it to find out what you are really meant to do with your education.

Explore interests with your elective courses

With a general studies major, you get to explore all interests and see what topic calls to you. However, if you are someone with a declared major or minor, try your hand at expanding the electives you choose. 

Even if you are an arts student, you could find that you might be into biology. Or say you are a chemistry student and have just found a new passion for painting. The good thing about Kwantlen Polytechnic University is that there are a lot of ways to explore your interests.   

Join clubs

This is another low risk option that doesn’t require you to drop out of school to contemplate what you want to do with your life. What this does do is help you connect with other like-minded people and do something you are interested in. Whether that be reading, 3D printing, or anthropology, KPU has a variety of clubs to suit your interest. 

Do your research

Google is your dearest friend here. This may seem like a very vague suggestion, but whenever you feel as if you are lost in this period of your life, look to forums, websites, and blogs for other people going through the same thing. 

Want to get into a certain field but don’t know how to get there? There are people who have been through the steps and have documented them. Take online career quizzes to help narrow down your interests or even think about the steps further than just your undergraduate education. Do a deep dive, something will jump out at you.

These are a few of the many ways you can embrace this uncertainty. University is supposed to be a time of figuring out who you are and exploring the possibilities for your future. So do not be afraid to put yourself out there and find the path of your dreams and what it looks like for you.