KPU would benefit from adding new diverse programs

The university could broaden its horizon with new culinary or education courses

(Unsplash/Jorge Zapata)

(Unsplash/Jorge Zapata)

Kwantlen Polytechnic University has amazing program options that suit all student interests, such as nursing, education assistance, counselling, and even a farrier science program. The university gives students the opportunity to embark on a variety of educational options.

KPU also has unique programs such as the brewery program, which distinguishes it from other institutions. 

To add to this large range of options, KPU should investigate more desired courses or programs that help give students more experience and education that help them towards achieving their career goals. A perfect example of this is a teaching credential program like those offered by Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and the University of the Fraser Valley.

While KPU already has an education assistant program and an education studies course, many aspiring teachers find they must complete a degree in English or another teachable major before transferring to other institutions to get their practicum and teaching credentials. 

Offering a program like this at a KPU campus would not only eliminate the stress of transferring schools and credits, but it would get more people talking about KPU and help give its aspiring teachers more options along their career path. This might also include more volunteer opportunities for students before they even apply to highly competitive programs elsewhere. 

Students at KPU would also benefit from more specific and focused biology programs. The university already has the nursing and farrier science programs, as well as the amazing horticulture programs, but what about specialized wildlife biology or microbiology?

A student who wants to gain experience and knowledge in marine biology or zoology could find that KPU only offers one or two of these courses within a 120-credit degree. 

That can be unfortunate for someone who has an interest in wildlife and wants to pursue a career in such an area but is unable to travel all the way to UBC for such an education. This would be like the education program, where it limits students’ options somewhat and requires them to transfer to other institutions to get the education they’re looking for.

Culinary school is another program that might take KPU to the next level. Not only are there very few culinary schools in B.C. outside of Vancouver, adding a culinary school to KPU would boost its reputation up against the other popular schools.

The number of students who have a love for cooking and want to pursue things in the industry may have a much more difficult time when their school is so far away. Having something close will help aid people’s interests and dreams as well as please a lot of students who would like to pursue culinary training in Surrey or Langley. 

KPU has several educational options that allow for students to be flexible and agile with their interests. Adding even more choices to all of the good things already offered at KPU would help the school appeal to more people and support them in getting the most specific education they can.