Two new student clubs approved at KSA executive meeting

Students can now join an Operations and Supply Chain Management Club and Debate Club

Aanchal Damseth (left) and Pranav Pal Singh (right) formed the Operations and Supply Chain Management club. (Abby Luciano)

Aanchal Damseth (left) and Pranav Pal Singh (right) formed the Operations and Supply Chain Management club. (Abby Luciano)

Public speaking, leadership, and time management are just a few skills students can learn in the Operations and Supply Chain Management Club (OSCM) and the Debate Club at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. 

The two student-run clubs got their applications approved by Kwantlen Student Association’s executives at the executive meeting on May 20. 

Pranav Pal Singh, president of the OSCM club, was taking online classes and felt disconnected from student life. He created the club to not only build a study group but to connect with other students who have similar interests or want to learn more about OSCM. 

As Singh connected with people, he met Aanchal Damseth, the club’s vice president. His instructor at the time, Merwise Khalwati, sent emails to students and alumni who might be interested in being part of OSCM. They now have eight people in the club. 

Operations and Supply Chain Management is a practice that ensures a  business has an uninterrupted flow of goods and services to its customers. They oversee product and process design, location and layout choices, and selection of suppliers, according to KPU’s website

“I started connecting with a lot of people to find like-minded people who wanted to help me run this club,” Singh says. “Because starting is always the hardest thing to do.” 

“There’s a strong element and network, people are close to each other,” Singh says. “These were the goals that led me to start working on this.” 

Singh and Damseth say they are hoping to plan a field trip with an organization that would give students a lecture about their company and then see how they’re working relating to operations and supply chain management. 

“They can get the practical approach to things because we’ll be having some events and meetings that would motivate students,” Damseth says. “They can share their experiences, and they would be more comfortable getting to know all these things that they are facing [in the industry].” 

The OSCM club is also creating a monthly newsletter for students to stay updated with the club and are trying to get a discount for club members on an APICS certification, which allows people to advance their OSCM career through things like a salary increase. Events will be held in-person and virtually. 

Singh and Damseth say they hope their club will help students learn valuable professional skills like event planning and market research and get some experience before graduating from the OSCM program. 

Jemma Heathcote, president of the Debate Club, says she formed the club because debating is an important skill to have. 

“Debate gives you a chance to practice those skills that would be useful in that career, as well just practice linguistic skills in general, [and] meet people that are like-minded to you and have similar interests.” 

So far, there are 27 members in the club, and members will see three-week cycles on topics. 

In the first week, she says someone from the club will introduce a topic of their choice and possibly give a presentation on it or have an instructor give a lecture if they’re an expert on that particular topic. After having some time to learn about the topic, members form teams in the second week to plan out what their debate will look like in the third week. 

Heathcote hopes to have the events in-person but will hold them virtually if needed to ensure everyone can participate. In addition, she says if the club expands and becomes “more well-practiced,” she would love to play against other universities and represent KPU. 

“We’re trying to get people to get to know each other a lot better,” Heathcote says. “So mixing in different groups and going against each other, I think that’d be a great way for students to get to know each other better and form greater community bonds.” 

Students interested in joining the OSCM Club or the Debate Club can email or fill out their Google form and