Valentine's Day is actually Single’s Awareness Day

The L-word is awful and just used for capitalism

Valentine's Day is an awful time of year for single people. (Pexels/Cottonbro Studio)

Valentine’s Day is an awful time of year for single people. (Pexels/Cottonbro Studio)

Another year, another lousy day of the accursed L-word and feelings.

That’s right, the absolute worst “holiday” of the year, Valentine’s Day has arrived once again to “celebrate” the L-word between couples and make all the single people feel awkward. Apparently, the world has to dedicate a day for people to be with their special someone because it’s probably too hard to do on a regular basis, like homework. 

On behalf of all the single people, we get it! You’re able to like something, what a special accomplishment. People also like the next flashy iPhone with minimal improvements that come out every year, but you don’t see people giving those a sloppy top when they get their hands on it. Well … at least I hope people aren’t doing that, that’s just nasty. 

It’s also labelled as a “holiday” to spend time with the person you L-word the most and shower them with gifts and public displays of affection — yuck. In reality, it’s just another way for the greedy entity known as capitalism to take advantage of people’s L-word. 

Every year, shops and restaurants charge extra for food and gifts just because it’s in a romantic shape like a heart or red, white, and pink. 

I sure would want to spend $214 on a dinner with special red heart shaped food that probably adds no flavour to the dish. It’s not like there’s a long-awaited video game sequel to an award-winning game — “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” — coming out later this year as a better use of money. 

Even places with little association to the holiday like Best Buy have sales for Valentine’s Day — why? Are people out there giving the person they L-word a heart-shaped washing machine or a red camera? It’s a scam! 

These sales take advantage of people who think with their hearts instead of being rational. What makes the holiday worse is that it isn’t just on Feb. 14. After all the fun holidays are over like Christmas and new year’s, a buildup starts mid-January where malls blast the most miserable songs for single people, like Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” or Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do.” 

Even when actual Valentine’s Day is over, you can still see and feel the lingering atmosphere of the accursed “holiday.” Those same damn songs still play in malls and city centres about finding a special someone. The same lousy red, white, and pink decorations in hearts are still to be seen — and that’s not even the shape of an actual heart, mind you. 

Valentine’s Day is a horrible day for single people, and a money and time sink for couples who think they’re benefitting when the only real winners are the sadistic entities known as greedy corporations taking advantage of couples’ desire for romance.

At least there’s always the discounted chocolate to bulk buy and consume for ourselves on Feb. 15.