What’s at the back of the bus?

There’s always more to the bus than it seems

Art by Rachel De Freitas

Art by Rachel De Freitas

As people take their daily trips through public transit, with buses almost always arriving late, a question has been popping up about the seating arrangements. 

It seemed to start one random day when people were waiting for the five consecutive buses at their local stop. When the buses arrived, almost all of them had the same noticeable, gaping space in the back. 

After people tell other passengers there’s space at the back of the bus when the rest of it is crowded, some look confused as if English isn’t their first language. Others look concerned as they stare into the big void in the spacious back. 

While it’s not expected to be a comfortable experience, anyone who has taken public transit knows how much it means to have even a bit of space in places where it can get densely packed. After some time and annoyance from passengers, they began speculating about what could be at the back of those buses. 

Some say it’s a meeting space for supervillains and would rather not cross paths with them. Others say it’s a restricted area for only famous people to use. However, the most popular of them all is that it’s home to a portal which can lead you to other universes. 

Some even report they’ve seen people enter the back of the bus only to never be seen again. If they’re unlucky enough, it’s possible they fell through to the notorious backrooms, a seemingly otherworldly place full of empty walls and space that you can clip through the world to fall into. 

However, it apparently isn’t just people from our universe who could be using this back of the bus portal. A recent sighting of animated people have come out of the portal, wearing similar costumes and either fighting or chasing each other. It has also been reported that three of them sound exactly like Shameik Moore, Oscar Isaac, and Hailee Steinfeld for some reason.

Another recent sighting of different kinds of animated characters are two types of blurs at the back of the bus, one of which being a person in a red suit moving at an unbelievable speed and the other being different colours trying to capture the person in the red suit. Or it could just be someone’s scuffed account of Ezra Miller possibly getting into trouble with the law again and continuing to avoid doing jail time.

Another story that may actually prove the portal to be real is the sighting of a man in green clothing. He suddenly appeared on the bus with a giant chicken-like creature along with someone cosplaying as a half-tanuki, half-human warrior. 

Before someone could try to check on them or understand what was happening, a circle reportedly appeared from under them and they disappeared soon after in a blinding light. 

While nothing is fully confirmed as to why some passengers refuse to go to the back of the bus, it seems chaos is always expected when boarding public transit.