Station 19's unforeseen farewell sparks fan outcry

Many are refusing to accept the end without a fight

It was recently announced that firefighter drama TV show, Station 19, is being cancelled after seven seasons. (Claudia Culley)

It was recently announced that firefighter drama TV show, Station 19, is being cancelled after seven seasons. (Claudia Culley)

In a sweeping wave of cancellations across various networks and streaming platforms, numerous TV shows are coming to an end, including ABC’s Station 19 after seven seasons, leaving fans to say goodbye to beloved characters and storylines.

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, the entertainment industry has faced a massive hurdle as the Writers Guild of America (WGA) found itself embroiled in a nearly five-month-long strike. This labour dispute significantly impacted the production of various TV shows, causing delays and uncertainty for both creators and audiences alike.

In a surprising turn of events, the firefighter drama Station 19 that captured the hearts of fans across the globe, is set to bid adieu after its upcoming seventh season. Station 19 will be concluding its run with the milestone 100th episode during Season 7. For shows like Station 19, the WGA agreement could impact the final episodes and the crafting of a proper ending. The resolution may also play a role in the fate of other shows facing cancellations or uncertain futures, offering a ray of hope for both creators and dedicated fan bases.

The announcement of Station 19‘s impending end sparked a frenzy on social media, particularly on X, formerly known as Twitter, where fans expressed a mix of emotions ranging from shock to disappointment. The fan response is characterized more by anger than sadness. 

Taken aback by the news, fans are expressing their discontent, especially considering the parent show, Grey’s Anatomy, is still going strong into its 20th season. The outcry is also fueled by the appreciation for the 2SLGBTQIA+ representation on the show, notably with characters Maya and Carina, played by Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato, respectively. In an act of solidarity, fans have launched a petition with hashtags such as #SaveStation19 and #DoNotCancelStation19, demonstrating their determination to fight for the series’ continuation.

The abrupt and seemingly inexplicable cancellations have left many in the industry disheartened. The collective efforts of the crew, who worked tirelessly to bring these shows to life, are now met with an unexpected and harsh reality — jobs ripped away for reasons that appear to transcend mere viewership metrics.

Station 19, buoyed by frequent crossovers with Grey’s Anatomy, had established itself as ABC’s second-highest-rated drama series over the last few seasons. Not only did it secure a dedicated fan base, but it also received acclaim for its bold approach in addressing significant and often challenging topics. 

The upcoming season, premiering on March 14, marks a shift to a new time slot at 10:00 pm on Thursdays, following Grey’s Anatomy rather than leading into it. 

As the show prepares to take its final bow, ABC is not leaving the first responder drama void unfilled, with the addition of a new series, Fox transplant 9-1-1, set to take over Station 19’s 8:00 pm on Thursdays slot.

Actor Shane Hartline expressed the life-changing impact of Station 19, noting the show’s role in bringing beautiful new connections into his life. Colleen Foy shared her heartbreak over the cancellation, particularly for fans who stood by the cast and crew during the WGA strike. 

As for me, I am not ready to say goodbye to the relationships, experiences, and sense of community that Station 19 fostered among its cast, crew, and dedicated fan base. We will not go down without a fight. 

If you like the show, visit and add your signature to the “Save Station 19” petition, or join the campaign on X. With substantial participation and viewership of all six seasons on Hulu, there remains a possibility that Season 7 won’t mark the show’s end.