Canadian woman’s face to be shown on the national bank note by 2018

It’s time to cash in on the achievements of Canada’s most inspirational women After nearly a century spent with Queen Elizabeth II as the only woman to adorn the Canadian bank note, it’s been announced that another female face will be printed on bills by 2018. Unlike the Queen, however, she will be a native-born... Continue Reading

Grassroots Cafe to be renovated this summer

Students can expect a more welcoming space, efficient seating, and local beer This summer, the Grassroots Cafe is getting its first makeover in 10 years. According to the primary organizer behind the renovations, Kwantlen Student Association vice president of student services Tanvir Singh, the goal is to make the space “more inviting” for students by... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: The Statistics

Brothers “capture the soul of old music” country-wide Darby and Erin Yule grew up in Prince George, BC, where they discovered their love of playing music together. Since then, their success with The Statistics has snowballed from writing EPs to recording with celebrities, playing national festivals, and touring the country. They describe their music as... Continue Reading

KSA Requests Vancity Loan for SUB Construction

The loan will provide $15-million for the project Kwantlen Polytechnic University will have a brand-new student union building on the Surrey campus by 2018, and the Kwantlen Student Association has just submitted a loan application to Vancity to fund its construction. A student referendum in 2009 led to the introduction of the Student Union Building... Continue Reading

Online courses just got personal

KPU professor creates a “SPOC” for students with unpredictable schedules Kwantlen Polytechnic University instructor David Burns is aiming to make higher education easier for full-time workers, parents, and students travelling abroad. He created his own Small Private Online Course (SPOC) to teach his Education 1100 classes. Where most current online courses are Massive Open Online... Continue Reading

DigitaLENS Breaks Down Stereotypes about Surrey Youth

Twelve films screened at KPU Surrey’s Conference Centre While it’s easy to stereotype Surrey youths as a demographic entrenched in gang-related violence, the DigitaLENS storytelling project, screened at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Surrey conference centre on May 11, set out to prove those stereotypes wrong. The project was suggested by KPU professor Katie Warfield and directed... Continue Reading

KPIRG Makes Money Available to KPU Students

Grants open for applications year-round Lenée Son, a Kwantlen Polytechnic University student who won a $1,000 grant from the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group last November, says that the funding has “definitely played a significant role” in the success of a documentary that she and a fellow graduate are working on. January pays tribute to... Continue Reading

Open textbooks mean money saved for KPU psychology students

Faculty to incorporate free resources in exchange for traditional textbooks Canada’s first open textbook project is coming to Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s psychology department this summer, enabling students to save tens of thousands of dollars on fees. For the individual student, that amounts to hundreds of dollars spared out-of-pocket every year. The project is managed by... Continue Reading

KPU students’ housing struggles addressed

KSA promotes off-campus housing, plans campaigns for on-campus housing It’s no secret that the rental market in B.C. is tough to thrive in. The entire province is in the middle of an affordability high and a vacancy low, which means that for students living on a budget, finding room and board for a reasonable price... Continue Reading

Sparks Fly in the Electric Vehicles Market

EVs’ popularity rises as new models and incentives are made available One-sixth of every barrel of oil is used to fuel passenger vehicles, according to Peter Tertzakian, chief energy economist at ARC Financial. But even if one-million electric vehicles were sold within a year, it would only displace 50,000 barrels of oil a day. That... Continue Reading

Runner Run-Down: Offshore Businesses and Tax Havens

Understanding the significance of the Panama Papers The release of the Panama Papers serves as a stark reminder of what the elite will do to remain wealthy. The 11.5 million-file leak includes four decades worth of documents listing the names of individuals and companies that have invested in offshore tax havens with the advice of... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Angelmaker

Vancouver’s most “brutiful” band This melodic deathcore band has an enormous sound and an equally sizeable member count. Between bassist Cole Rideout, lead guitarist Matt Perrin, rhythm guitarist Colton Bennett, drummer Jesse Price, and vocalists Mike Greenwood and Casey Tyson Pierce, the group boasts a resounding six members. With the exception of Perrin and Greenwood,... Continue Reading

May’s Marvel Movie Madness

All twelve Marvel movies to be screened in Grassroots from May 2-5 Marvel lovers have been hyping up the release of Captain America: Civil War for months, and now the Kwantlen Student Association’s student life committee is joining in on the fun. From May 2 to May 5, all twelve canonical Marvel movies—collectively known as... Continue Reading

Bad Axe Throwing Comes to Surrey

Surrey residents will be able to sharpen their axe-throwing skills starting this May Contrary to what the name suggests, the employees at Bad Axe Throwing are actually very knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs. The company title is only a pun on “bad ass,” used to illustrate how proud they are of what they do.... Continue Reading

The Fresh Faces of the KSA

Executive for new year elected at first council meeting The first meeting of the new Kwantlen Student Association came to a swift conclusion on April 1. At the meeting, the councillors elected the new executives: Tanvir Singh as the next vice-president of student services, Natasha Lopes as the vice-president of student life, Rawan Ali as... Continue Reading